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On November 29th, players will be plunged into a world full of intrigue, drama, thrills, and chills in Knockout City Season 8: High Society Heist.

In High Society Heist, the Red Hand Crew is stirring up trouble in Knockout City, and Commissioner Chase is on the case. The notorious Red Hand Crew – Voxanne, Mugshot, Hax, and The Shadow – are chasing their latest heist and zeroing in on their newest target: the multi-millionaire Malcolm Magpie. Players can decide which side they want to be on – become one of the craftiest criminals around as a member of the Red Hand Crew or crack the case as Commissioner Chase. This season also introduces the Poison Ball, a brand new Special Ball where players can drop knockout gas on their enemies to make a quick getaway. Additionally, players can look forward to four exciting new Events each with their own clever Playlist of cat-and-mouse antics, a vault’s worth of new cosmetics, an all-new Brawl Pass, a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover bundle featuring the dastardly duo of Bebop and Rocksteady, and so much more. A captivating new world of glitz and glamor awaits players in Season 8 of Knockout City!

New Special Ball, the Poison Ball – The Poison Ball is Knockout City’s newest Special Ball! This ball releases a cloud of noxious knockout gas every time it hits a player or the environment around them, which slowly damages players standing in it. Players can use it to take down a team of enemy players grouped together, or force their opponents to navigate the way they want them to.

New Cosmetic Type – Brags – Season 8 introduces Brags – a brand new type of equitable, found in the Customization Menu. Players can now show off when they’re heading into a match with Brags, a new cosmetic frame that accompanies their nameplate in match intros and outros. Brags can be found everywhere in High Society Heist – they’ll turn up in Event Rewards, the Brawl Shop, Bundles, Brawl Pass prizes, and many other places.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Villains – Get ready for more TMNT content! Crush the Ninja Turtles as radical archrivals Bebop and Rocksteady with the new TMNT Villains Bundle, available through the digital storefront for $19.99. This bundle contains both characters, new Player Icons, a slew of Brags, as well as custom intro poses for each.

New Cosmetics – With a new season, comes new cosmetics, and the Red Hand Crew is bringing some unique looks. Players will find loot such as Player Icons, Crew Logos, and Gliders each bearing the telltale Red Hand Crew “R” insignia. The Shadow is available in the Out Of The Shadows Bundle on day one of High Society Heist, and players will find Voxanne and Mugshot’s gear featured in the Brawl Pass. Players will also be able to don the iron eyes of Commissioner Chase with The Thrill of the Chase Bundle.

New Game Mode – Bank Ball – Bank Ball is the Featured Playlist kicking off High Society Heist. This contest tasks two teams to steal the Bank Ball – a high-value target loaded with valuables. Holding the Bank Ball grants a steady trickle of points for the controlling team. Player movement speed is slightly slowed by the burden, so they’ll need to pass it around to nearby teammates to avoid getting caught.

Additional New Content – Players will also have access to a new Brawl Pass, Jukebox upgrades, a new Energy Drink, new Hideout features, and more.

Season 8 Roadmap – There’s a whole lot coming to Knockout City this season! Check out the roadmap below to see what’s in store when all the hijinks of High Society Heist kick off on November 29. After the High Society Heist launch event, players can expect a chilling conclusion to the year with Snowbrawl Fight: Rematch, followed by the introduction of more Ninja Turtles baddies when the TMNT Villains bring in some backup for Bebop and Rocksteady in January, and the Chemical V-Day event in February, concluding with the Seasonal staple with Double XP all week, Midnight Madness.

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