Join the Thriller in SCP: Secret Files on PC Today

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Immerse yourself in a collection of otherworldly tales based on one of the internet’s best-known collaborative works of fiction.

Beijing, China – September 13th: Chinese developer GameZoo and publisher Pixmain are excited to announce that their immersive horror adventure SCP: Secret Files, based on the popular SCP Foundation creative writing project, is now available on PC.

Creepypasta fans and SCP enthusiasts galore will step into the role of a newly-hired SCP agent with direct access to the mind-bending world of the SCP Foundation – a shadowy fictional organization that seeks to secure and contain paranormal anomalies in order to protect the world from their influence. Five unique stories will be available at launch, each with its own unique twist, style, and SCP case study to unravel and experience. The Foundation’s self-described purpose is “to fight in the dark so you can live in the light”, a motto that this new game brings to life through immersive storytelling and supernatural threats.

SCP: Secret Files features five cases that players will investigate as rookie Foundation agents. Hunt a malicious entity with hi-tech equipment in “The Hanged King’s Tragedy”, experience the dangerous life of an SCP Foundation D-Class operative in “No One Answered”, or commune with a sentient kitchen appliance in “I am a Toaster”.

Teana Zhang, Publishing producer at Pixmain said – “We are thrilled to finally launch SCP: Secret Files today. It has been a truly humbling and exciting experience to support GameZoo in creating a game based around such a unique part of internet culture. We hope that players will enjoy immersing themselves in the dark yet fascinating world of the SCP Foundation.”

SCP: Secret Files is available to purchase on Steam for $14.99, and will be celebrating its launch with a 10% discount between September 13th – 20th.

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