Joycity Announces Pre-Registration for Gunship Battle: Total Warfare

Joycity announced a brand new entry into its Gunship Battle franchise, Gunship Battle: Total Warfare. Infused with Joycity’s signature strategy game formula, the new game will utilize the Gunship Battle Intellectual Property to bring high quality on-the-go military strategy game experience to the gamers.

Unlike the previous entries in the series, Gunship Battle: Total Warfare is a strategy game developed using proven formula from Joycity’s previous strategy efforts such as Oceans & EmpiresGunship Battle: Total Warfare fully incorporates the modern war setting from the franchise and plants it in a strategy game environment. In player’s own military base, players will be able to build, manage and battle using all 3 branches of the military. Some battles will allow the player to take direct control of the unit for more strategic and direct gameplay. Following the global trend, the game will not only feature a traditional competitive multi-player mode, but will also include a co-op mode.

Gunship battle

Gunship Battle: Total Warfare’s aim is to please both the strategy and military game fans with its high-quality production and Joycity’s development expertise in the genre.

Joycity’s Chief Technology Officer, Taegon Kim said “Gunship Battle: Total Warfare’scombination of proven formula with modern military element will satisfy a lot of gamers. I hope fans of the Gunship Battle franchise and other military games worldwide look forward to the game and contents we are developing.”

Pre-registration has started for Gunship Battle: Total Warfare. Players can sign up to receive special units such as F-14 and T-55, and other useful in-game resources to be used when the game launches.

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