Justina Gu Skill Overview – NARAKA: BLADEPOINT

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Harness the power of ice and give your enemies the cold shoulder.

24 Entertainment is excited to announce that Justina Gu is available from tomorrow in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT. Justina, the stone-cold assassin, is the latest new hero to be added to the widely-acclaimed battle royale. To celebrate the new release, 24 Entertainment has prepared a skill preview video, which shows off Justina Gu’s moves and abilities.

Like the contrast of crimson and winter, not every tale is told in black and white. From friends to mortal enemies, after Viper Ning murdered Justina’s mother — their history spans many years. Two warriors entwined, one seeking revenge, the other, freedom. Yin and Yang, the battlefield will determine their fates. Whose side are you on?

With the power of freeze, Justina Gu has a wide range of attacks, from protecting herself in an ice block to freezing enemies with her touch. Justina Gu can call upon ice-cold energies to temporarily protect herself within an ice-core aura, and while in this mode, she will be able to recover a set amount of armor and is invincible to any attack for up to 5 seconds. After 1.5 seconds, Justina can break out of her ice statue state by dodging in any direction. The only time her ‘Ice Core’ ability can’t be enabled is when the player is taking physical damage.

Calling upon the ice energy she wields deep within her soul, she is able to enter what is known as ‘Arctic Wrath’ status, in which nearby enemies will be knocked back. While enemies are briefly stunned, Justina’s skillset engages ‘Shadow Swipe’ for up to 20 seconds, increasing her attack by 5%.

‘Shadow Swipe’ allows Justina to charge forward at an increased speed to freeze any enemies in her path and deal a small amount of damage. Each time a hit is landed on an enemy, the damage caused will increase by 5% (to a maximum of 15%) which will then reset the remaining time. ‘Shadow Swipe’ can be used up to 4 times and regains 1 usage count when hitting 2 enemies at once.

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