KartRider Rush+ is a triple aaa quality massively multiplayer online racing game. Development and production are top-notch. The artwork style and story and more geared towards children but will mechanically entertain any level of gamer. Co-op or solo you can enjoy playing in PVE or PVP modes. Endless customization and you even have a mini Animal Crossing type mode! Complete in a worldwide ladder ranking yourself amongst the best racers in the world. Not a pay to win.
  • Production quality music, sound effects and graphics are epic
  • Endless customization
  • Rich in content
  • Co-op PVP modes
  • Immersive story mode
  • High skill cap racing mechanics
  • Story mode designed for a younger crowd
  • Art style more geared for children
  • Can only keep your cars if you pay for them
  • Mega hours needed to memorize all racetracks
  • Litte more space between the nitro and boost would be nice
Gameplay - 10
Graphics - 9
Audio - 8
Replayability - 8
Controls - 7

Nexon a Korean- Japanese video game publisher specializing in online games for mobile and PC has just brought one of its most famous IPs to North America. KartRider Rush+ is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online racing game that can be played co-op or solo in PVE or PVP modes. I just cannot believe how deep mobile games can be these days KartRider Rush+ has so many modes and features its almost overwhelming. It is a triple AAA title down to the core the quality of development and production are top-notch. According to producer Dennis Bernardo, they generated over 3 million PRE downloads which is insane! I get it thought… It’s the Animal Crossing virus, in one of the modes you can build your property and customize it to your liking.

We tested KartRider Rush+ day 1 release on a Google Pixel 4 with a HyperX ChargePlay Clutch and a HyperX Cloud Mix wireless headset. These products offered an upgrade to the mobile gaming experience which I had not felt before. While the ChargePlay Clutch does not provide any actual buttons or key bind shortcuts it does give you an extended grip and more battery life which made driving comfortable. It’s $60 but also doubles as a wireless power brick you can game on while charging your phone! We played the game for 3 – 4 hours at a time without any overheating or battery issues. We only encountered one minor bug where the audio would cut out when the keyboard popped up on the screen during club creation. The development and production of this game are the best of the best. Music and sound effects right from the opening cinematics were lights out.

While the artwork and story are more geared towards children, I think mechanically the game is still super fun to play for any gamer skill level. Most of the mode’s mechanics are based on drifting which procs speed and nitro boosts. I felt the controls were pretty stable  I did have some issues with fat fingering. You can also play a super troll item race where its more about looting items to destroy your opponents. Time trial, training camp, and story mode round of the playable modes but course mechanics very robust. Anything you can think of for a course mechanic this game has it, even sections where you drive into a boat and get ferried across the water. Ranked mode is based on your license which puts you in a skill bracket then you can level up your tier by winning races. Once you reach level 10 you can play ranked mode and upgrade your license by taking various tests that scale up in difficulty as you progress. You can team up with your friends or race solo in ranked mode, you can also start a club and create a social scene. As a part of your daily’s you are tasked to watch replay videos of other players, I then realized how bad I was. I would start in story mode it has the most variety of race modes and race track mechanics. You should hit level 10 around the end of the third chapter which will prepare you for ranked mode. I think the most surprising feature to me was the animal crossing type mode. It’s a game inside a game. You can build a house and customize the property around it with all kinds of neat cosmetics. You can even build a parking garage and charge your friends to visit! It’s so massive I cannot even begin to dive into all the customization this game offers, so I am just going to say this. “Everything is customizable”.

I think the question of the day comes down to what almost every gamer is apprehensive about when it comes to playing mobile games. Is it pay to win? It’s an age-old conversation but the bottom line is the server needs to be paid to keep the game online. Purchasing a car with battery currency which is only attainable at the shop for real cash allows you to permanently keep it. My storage had 6 epic cars in it by the time I hit level 11 without paying any real cash. All the cars I earned, however, did have timers on them between 2 – 6 days so they will expire if you do not use them. Closely examining the spider charts for each car, it looks like Epic tier cars all have the same number of stats just distributed in different statistics drift, acceleration, nitro charge speed, curve, and acceleration duration. At that same time in my progression, the shop did not have anything higher than an epic car. So, if you do your dailies and play enough you will have a level playing field with other opponents in ranked mode. K-coin is used to purchase most cosmetics which is earnable in the game by completing quests and events. You can, of course, purchase a battle pass which will boost your K-coin earnings. Is it pay to win? No. It’s a play to win but if you really want something permanently you have to buy it. Overall a fair system.

KartRider Rush+ has so many details and variety this review could go on for days. I suggest you be the judge download it and test it for yourself. I will not be uninstalling it after my initial review experience, I plan to continue my progression in the game.

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