Kingdom Management Sim Noble Fates Enters Early Access Alongside New Developer Diary

Build, Craft, Farm, and Fight – Face the Consequences of Your Actions While Creating a Kingdom Worthy of Lasting Recognition From a Top-Down Perspective or Innovative New Third-Person View.

The two-person veteran team Xobermon LLC announced today Noble Fates, a 3D, fantasy kingdom-management sim driven by intelligent characters with a rich simulation of opinions and memories of your deeds, is immediately available in Steam Early Access. Build, craft, farm, mine, hunt, defend – even command from the sky, or take control in third person. Your story goes where the people, your actions, and their reactions take it. Steam players can purchase Noble Fates starting today for $19.99, a 20% discount off the full retail price ($24.99), until Wednesday, January 5th, 2021.

Steam Early Access Features:

  • UNLOCK 30+ hours of building and crafting
  • USE more than 50+ building structures, 15+ jobs, and 50+ craftables
  • EXPLORE and interact with your kingdom in an innovative new third-person perspective
  • BREAK OPEN Demonic Carbuncles to take on endless waves of demons with scaling rewards!
  • MODS! Noble Fates is built from the ground-up for deep modding support — Steam Workshop support coming soon!
  • PREPARE for winter: Forage, farm, or hunt to feed your people. There’s always cannibalism if that doesn’t work out…
  • LEVERAGE a wide range of opinions about everything in your world – including the stories taking place between your kingdom and your neighbors that are unique to each playthrough to score killer trade deals!
  • ENJOY an easy, step-by-step onboarding experience for new players that makes it fun and enjoyable to learn as you play!
  • SIT BACK and enjoy a robust set of planned updates that bring exciting new twists to your story, kingdom, and the world!

Inspired by the depth and fun of Rimworld and the brutal clash of ambition, intrigue, and violence from Game of Thrones, Noble Fates charges players with building a kingdom worthy of lasting recognition. The player’s story begins when several outcasts from a nearby procedurally generated kingdom stumble across a crown. The player chooses his/her ruler and what to do with any who oppose them.

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