KOG Games Launches New SR Hero Callisto in GrandChase

Callisto is one of the four archangels in service to Jupiter along with Io, Europa, and Ganymede. If Europa is the spear that pierces the heart of her enemies, then Callisto is the shield that protects her allies by placing herself between her enemies and allies. For this and her prowess in battle, she is commonly revered among her fellow angels like the Angel of Valor, though this wasn’t always the case.

Though Callisto has always served on the front lines, when Jupiter once fell, fear seeped into her heart. However, instead of letting this fear consume her whole, she learned from it. She learned discretion, to think before acting, and more importantly, she learned the true meaning of courage. Fear did not leave her but it could not conquer her will to protect everything she holds dear. When Callisto leaped into the danger of battle once more despite her fears, the Angel of Valor was born. As long as she stands tall on the battlefield, may the light of Jupiter never fade.

Players who participated in the Pre-Registration Event can now log in and use the code they received in their email to get Callisto. New and Returning players can still sign up until October 25th to add the latest SR 5 Star Hero into their collection.

Players can also grab cute Avatars in-game for their favorite GrandChase heroes during the ongoing Grand Tale Special Event. All of the Fluffy, Chess and Toy Keyring Avatars are available until the end of the event on November 1st, 2021.

Callisto comes with Soul Imprint, the final tier of hero progression, fully available at her release. Check out Callisto’s in-game events, such as the Step Up Event to get a head start on her character progression.

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