Langquan Bridge Raid in Swords of Legends Online: The Firestone Legacy Out Now

The long bridge that connects the Heavenly Gate Labyrinth to Langquan is truly magnificent, like the sparkling lights of the firmament. The long history of the war between demons and immortals has led to it being broken and rebuilt countless times, and those with ill intent continue in their attempts to traverse it into the immortal realm to this day.

But the bridge has been captured by Haocang and Zhong Wuchi. They have positioned their demon army to block the Qin League, while they attempt to break through the walls into Langquan. Are you brave enough to venture across the bridge? Watch the trailer below to see what’s in store if you dare to try!

Bosses of the Langquan Bridge

Paiyun Guardian: A mysterious stone spirit golem bound to the bridge as its frontline protector and maintainer, the Paiyun Guardian is a formidable force against intruders. The spiritual core at the center of its massive but agile body provides an unending source of power as it focuses on its one mission: to protect and preserve Langquan Bridge at all costs!

Blackstone Destroyer: Master Meijia, committed to creating the ultimate unstoppable army, will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. After discovering the texts describing forbidden “bone-melding techniques” looted from the Floral Palace, she used her newfound knowledge to experiment on her own troops. Utilizing these techniques, she combined a bear demon with the spirit of the Blackstone to create the ultimate warrior—the Blackstone Destroyer. Concentrating the power from the spirits of the Langquan realm, the Blackstone Destroyer’s strength was enhanced to an unfathomable level, making him a foe that should not be underestimated.

Blightbeast: Following Zhenren Nanxun’s appearance at Taihua, the attacking demon army was soon defeated. This time, Meijia has summoned a powerful beast to guard them and buy time for the invasion of Langquan. Blocking the main road, the Blightbeast will give no ground to its enemies; only the most fearless and determined warriors will be able to make it past.

Haocang: Haocang was a Mohist who defected from the Valley of a Hundred Grasses and has joined Zhong Wuchi in his efforts to breach the wall leading to the Langquan realm. The members of the Qin League who pursued him to prevent this from happening were lured into Zhong Wuchi’s waiting claws and taken as captives for Haocang to experiment upon. Will you become his next victim?

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