Last chance to win Gold Bars and more! Farm Heroes Super Saga

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And so the end is near and so we face the final curtain. We have reached the last level of the leaderboard challenge. The battle has been intense, bloodied lips and finger cramps have been rampant, no one has walked away unscathed.

It’s your final chance to win a prize so if you haven’t entered before, now is the time to do it! Don’t you want to stand victorious and know that your Farm Heroes Super Saga skills are the best in the world, I know I do!

This week’s level is #39

Level Tip

This week we are throwing level 39 at you. Level 39 is all about prioritisation, as you’ll have to fill up buckets with water in order to remove them from the board.
Matching next to the buckets is the key here! Get the water first, then concentrate on the other targets!

Let’s do this! Last week, your last chance for glory, your last chance to lay down your digital marker in the sand and say I was here, I lived, I am a farm hero!

Week 4 Prizes*:

1st place winner: 500 Gold Bars for use in the Game, plus one iPad 4 mini

2nd place winner: 100 Gold Bars for use in the Game, plus merchandise from two of the celebrities from the leaderboard

1000 runners-up: each will receive 25 Gold Bars for use in the Game.

Over dramatic sentences aside, get your play on now in order to win fantabulistic prizes!

Opening date: 10:00 BST Monday 26th September 2016
Closing date: 09:00 BST Monday 3rd October 2016

*For more details including terms and conditions Click Here.


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