Latest Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Increases Level Cap, Debuts Concerts

SEGA today launched the February update for Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, which features a level cap increase, new concerts, Chapter 2 side story, Rank 2 Battledias, Urgent Quests, and more.

In today’s update, the level cap will be raised to 40. Delve deeper into Chapter 2 in the newly added Chapter 2 Side Story.

  • Rank 3 will be added to Mt Magnus and Vanford Laboratory Ruins
  • Rank 2 will be added to Resol Forest
  • Rank 2 Battledias will be added to Aelio
  • Rank 2 of every Urgent Quest will be available across regions

There is now an increased chance for Chaos Trials and a new enemy type, Megalotix, will be on the prowl!

A fan favorite takes the stage in 2022! Two new concerts, Song of War and Song of Mourning, will debut. Players that attend will receive a buff after attending the concert. Continue to pump up the jam with the Mag Juxebox which will let players play select tracks in-game!

Beware of Dark Falz! Dark Falz has invaded Central Aelio. Join the new 8-player Urgent Quest to earn some extremely good loot. Dark Falz will invade starting February 16th, 2022.

Additional updates include a party bonus for grouping with other players, the addition of ARKS ID, NVIDIA DLSS, and FSR 1.0 support.

Watch the February Headline HERE. Host Hiro Arai, the official navigator for NGS, breaks down today’s update, including a level cap increase, new concerts, Chapter 2 side story, Rank 2 Battledias, Urgent Quests, and more.

Players can play nine years of content in Phantasy Star Online 2 and join the newest entry to the series, Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis. Explore Retem, the new desert region, and continue the PSO2: NGS story in Chapter 2! Download and play Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis on PC and Xbox One for free today.

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