Latest The Walking Dead: All-Stars Update Sends Ranked PVP and New Original Characters

Fight for survival against a horde of new content for The Walking Dead: All-Stars, the mobile collection RPG from Com2uS Holdings and Skybound Entertainment. In today’s Update 1.7, enter the arena in a new, limited-time ranked PvP mode where fame, glory, and tiered rewards await bloodsport champions. Face the apocalypse as new heroes Bell and Brody debut this month, test Bell’s mettle in a new PvE dungeon, experience the latest story chapter, and more.

The latest update for The Walking Dead: All-Stars includes:

The Story Continues – Witness the next chapter of Asyl, a sanctuary beset by threats outside and within. Assemble a dream team of survivors and unravel a thrilling, original narrative adjacent to The Walking Dead comic series.

New PvP: Underground Bunker – From now through December 3rd, square off against rivals and their communities in head-to-head combat, scoring points to advance through Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Master, and Challenger ranks. Earn exclusive profile-picture frames and other rewards based on standing at the end of the two-week season, and score Gold Bars when any Community member reaches the Challenger tier.

New Character: Bell – The enigmatic rogue Bell, a new Epic-grade hero with predator alignment, takes aim at foes both near and far. Set sights on ranged opponents with her pistol and fend off frontliners with her rope wrapped in barbed wire. Her ultimate skill combines both deadly tools for incredible single-target damage on the enemy with the current highest energy.

New Character: Brody – Introduced to All-Stars on Nov. 8, original hero Brody can counter the toughest foes with his hammer-swinging ultimate, which targets the strongest enemy on the field for high damage. A melee warrior with bystander alignment and surprising range, Brody’s basic attacks target both the nearest and farthest enemies with a cement powder pouch and bottle bomb, respectively.

Mysterious Survivor Event Dungeon – Try out Bell’s combat specialties before unlocking her in this new PvE gauntlet. Clear these encounters to net Gold Bars, Skill Manuals, and other treasured rewards.

Limited-Time Support Events – 7-day and 14-day support events grant bonuses to returning players for logging in during the event periods. Secure reward chests, skill manuals, recruit tickets, and more from today through November 29th, and again between December 5th and 19th.

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