Latest Update LEAP Launches New Modding Tools Powered by, 5 Part Tutorial Videos

Create Maps, Weapon and Character Skins, Unique Modes, and More in Team-Based Sci-Fi Shooter.

Canadian based independent video game developer Blue Isle Studios has launched modding tools for its twisted team-based, first-person shooter, LEAP. The ‘LEAP Design Works’ update brings endless opportunities for community content through new modding features allowing fans to modify virtually anything in LEAP. Players will be able to make new modes of play, build original maps, create slick character skins, modify vehicle physics, redesign weapons, and more. Through the new LEAP modding suite powered by, modders can unleash their creativity.

Select members of the LEAP community have worked with the Blue Isle Studios dev team to create new mods including an ‘IcyDay’ map and the ‘TeamDMod’ Zombie mode mod. To see more mods available for download, please visit the LEAP homepage.

Mercenaries slide into combat in the ‘Icyday’ map mod for LEAP. Mercenaries flee from undead in the ‘TeamDMod’ Zombie Mode mod.

In LEAP, players will select from four unique classes, each delivering a unique balance of power, agility, and defense as well as epic abilities that bring shock and awe to foes. Players can choose from different gameplay modes including PVP mode and PVE mode Special Operations, where four-player teams face off against new enemies like the specialist and stealth assassins.

Call in orbital strikes, set up automated turrets, or control guided cruise missiles with exosuits armed to the teeth. Large-scale combat takes place on a variety of stages and skilled mercenaries use jetpacks, grappling hooks, and highly distinctive Personal Vehicles to close the distance on control points and active firefights. Nothing is more menacing than a LEAP mercenary saddled on a robo-moose galloping at full speed. LEAP is available now on Steam Early Access for $29.99.

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