Learn How to Become A Bearded Master of the Elements in Whiskered Wizard Brawler — MageQuit

Wizards go through years of grueling training and education to become one with elemental magic and all-mighty masters of the dark arts. Today, Bowlcut Studios are here to help budding sorcerers’ apprentices skip the years of thaumaturgical training and grow triumphant beards in their frantic edge-of-your-seat wizardly arena brawler, MageQuit, with an all-new developer walkthrough video: MageQuit Gameplay 101!

The key to success in MageQuit is finding the right combination of spells for your wizardly style. At the beginning of each round, you need to think quickly and strategically as you choose your seven spell classes. Each subset of spells derives its mystical powers from five elements — fire, water, earth, wind, and sand — each with their own unique properties, advantages, and disadvantages.

Send opponents flying with the powerful Rockshot earth spell, or teleport and corner them with the watery Flash Flood! Burn them to a crisp at close range with the flammable Ignite spell, or summon a giant boulder to petrify “ene-mages” with the earth-bound Fissure spell! With over 35 spells to choose from and hundreds of combinations to add to your arsenal, even Expecto Patronum won’t be able to save your enemies from your otherworldly wrath!


Additionally, you’ll need to take the power of physics under your wing — or cloak — and make it your strongest ally. With the ability to accurately determine and control the trajectory of a cast spell, you’ll learn to land devastating blows that your opponents won’t ever see coming!

What is a proper wizard without a trick or two up his sleeve? Although your spell aimer icon is visible to other players, you can secretly apply a curve using your controls to add that extra element of surprise sure to set all beards ablaze!


To balance out the furious fun, spells are doled out in a “draft” format, so the worst wizards get a chance to pick powerful spells first, hopefully boosting their subsequent chances of success. Each new round offers an expanded list of available spells to choose from and cranks the wizarding mayhem all the way up to eleven!

MageQuit — which wraps up its glorious time on Early Access and launches on Xbox One and Windows PC this fall — pits up to ten mages in two or three team online or local multiplayer matches, or an every-mage-for-themselves beards-to-the-wall brawl. Wanna-be wizards must out-cast and outwit their opponents all while defending against the terrors of ever-changing deadly battlefield environments. Beards grow longer with each kill, and wizards who have managed to grow the longest and most luxurious beard after nine rounds win the match! With hundreds of spell combinations that cater to any playstyle, MageQuit is one game YOU SHALL NOT PASS up!

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