Legendary Build ‘Em Up Constructor Returns!

28th April release to celebrate 20th Anniversary of franchise

System 3, a leading developer of market-defining PC & Console titles, proudly announces the return of the world-renowned, Constructor.

Construction meets corruption in the latest incarnation of Constructor and marks the 20th Anniversary of the multi-million-selling city builder. Boasting a huge array of new features and game modes, combined with an all new online mode to challenge and sabotage rival builders, the city is yours for the taking.

To aid budding property tycoons in their quest for city-wide domination, Constructor is also debuting an army of ‘Undesirables’, a collection of rogues and degenerates who can ruin rival builders. Using the services of hippy squatters and killer clowns, to skinheads and sex workers – players will be able to create their own thriving metropolis using whatever means necessary!

“System 3 celebrates 35 years of flying the flag for British game develops this year, so what better way than to re-visit our award-winning Constructor, itself celebrating 20 years. Constructor is going to be bigger, badder and more brilliant than ever before”, said Mark Cale, CEO of System 3.

System 3 offered the original Constructor game for free to PC fans at the end of January this year and over a whopping 100,000 people signed up to receive their free copy.

Originally launched in 1997, Constructor sold over 5 million copies worldwide, then famously launched on the original PlayStation One which was emulated on PSN as a downloadable PS One classic.

Constructor sets players as budding property tycoons, who must take on their rivals in the creation of a successful city. This doesn’t just involve the speedy building of homes and businesses, however; players must negotiate the tangled web of Undesirables, a motley collection of reprobates that can be used against them – and by them, against others.

The use of Undesirables forms one of the core gameplay mechanics. Whether employing a group of antagonistic Thugs to terrorize a neighbourhood, sending round a Hippy to squat in opponents’ empty properties, bringing in Mr Fix It to botch their gas supplies or involving the criminal underworld in your enterprises, there are many tools at your disposal to help hinder your fellow players and make their commercial lives a living hell. Facing a protection racket from the mob? Why not send along a group of maniacal Clowns to terrify your enemy into submission!

“Constructor is a game I took great joy in creating, and having the chance to delve into its universe once again has been incredible,” said John Twiddy. “A whole generation adored the original. I, along with the original collaborators, a

Constructor will be released April 28th for Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, & Steam players.









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