Legendary Hero Sephiroth From ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ Arrives to ‘Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’

Today, SQUARE ENIX® announced that fan-favorite mobile RPG FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS will host the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE collaboration event, bringing a celebratory campaign and new content from now until August 18th, 2021 players can summon iconic FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE characters, earn valuable gear, take part in a limited-time campaign and more.

New content arriving with the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE collaboration event includes:

New FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Units – Fan-favorite characters are available to summon in FFBE for a limited time, including Legendary Hero Sephiroth as a powerful Neo Vision (NV) unit, as well as Avalanche’s Biggs & Wedge as 5-7★. An additional character from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, Barret (FFVII REMAKE), is also now NV Awakenable.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Free Daily Summon – From now until August 20th, 2021 players have the chance to perform sixteen free daily 10 summons, totaling up to 160 free summons. Players can receive the brand-new Legendary Hero Sephiroth, Avalanche’s Tifa, and more from these free summons.
Neo Vision Login Reward – From now until August 18th, 2021 players can obtain the Cetra Descendant Aerith (NV) unit by logging in.

Raid Event: Destiny’s Crossroads – Starting today until August 18th, 2021 players can obtain an event exclusive weapon Masamune (FFVII REMAKE), and receive the recipe to enhance it by completing event missions. Players will also be able to earn items including Sephiroth’s Gloves (FFVII REMAKE), Barret’s Shades (FFVII REMAKE), and an NV EX Ticket (5★/NV) through a limited time summon using coins earned from the event.
Chronicle Battle: Rufus Shinra – In this new Chronicle Battle players will face off against Rufus Shinra to earn rewards, including Brave Insignia (FFVII) for FINAL FANTASY VII units. They can also earn an event exclusive weapon Guard Stick (FFVII REMAKE) and the recipe to enhance it.
Friend Point Daily Fragment Summon – Players can summon up to 10-unit fragments, which are used to awaken specific Neo Vision units, with 10,000 Friend Points once a day from now until August 18th, 2021.
FFVII REMAKE Collaboration Giveaway –players can earn materials that can be used to fully level up Cetra Descendant Aerith.

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