Legendary Hero “Shade” Joins the Fray in Massive MapleStory M Content Update

MapleStory M, the free-to-play, massively multiplayer online mobile game for iOS and Android, is ringing in the new year with its biggest update yet – the introduction of the legendary Hero Shade with a variety of limited-time events.

One of the most celebrated Heroes in Maple World, Shade is one of Six Heroes ending the sinister reign of MapleStory’s biggest antagonist, the Black Mage. The last Hero to be added to the MapleStory M universe, Shade is classified as a Pirate with a powerful force, using primary and secondary weapons of Knuckles and Fox Marbles to conquer enemies. Now reborn and, with the spirit world at his fingertips, he is investigating claims of the Black Mage’s return.

The update delivers an array of events to celebrate the new Hero Shade as well as Lunar New Year! Starting today, exciting level-up events will be available including:

  • Shade Growth Support Event: Until February 24, players who reach a certain level, will receive additional in-game items useful for a specific character’s level-up.
  • Shade Burning Event: Any new Shade character can be leveled-up by three levels for every level up within level 3 to 100 until February 10.
  • Shade Celebratory Log-in Reward Event: Players logging-in from today through January 22 will receive a special gift to help their character level up once per account.
  • Heroes M Events: Through February 11, four different types of events are going to be held in honor of the Six legendary Heroes. Any characters or players with those Six Heroes will be rewarded with items to help boost experience as well as obtain additional stat options for their characters.

Along with the level-up events, there’s a bevy of Lunar New Year-themed events including:

  • Lunar New Year 7 Day Attendance Event: Between January 20 and February 3, participating players who log-in will claim attendance rewards for items that give their characters experience points.
  • Lunar New Year Achievement Event: Starting January 20 and ending February 3, players collect unique coins to earn rewards including an item that can assist with Starforce Reinforcement, Character Decorate item, and EXP Boost item.
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