Legion TD 2 Reveals October 1st 2021 Full Launch on Steam

From a humble Warcraft 3 mod to an early access hit with over 150,000 copies sold, and it’s not even out of early access yet. Legion TD 2 might look similar to modern ‘auto-battler’ strategy games like Dota Underlords and Chess Royale, but it was there first and plays like nothing else.

Legion TD 2 has developed an active, dedicated multiplayer scene and (thanks to the feedback from this community) has grown into a highly refined game of strategy with a passionate player-base. Have a glimpse of what it has become in the trailer below:

The original Legion TD mod (developed by the director of AutoAttack Games as a high schooler in 2009) is the second most popular Warcraft III mod of all time after DotA. Being one of the first competitive games to feature automated combat, Legion TD 2 is considered an inspiration for autobattlers like Auto Chess, Teamfight Tactics, and Dota Underlords.

While sharing some elements with these games, Legion TD 2 marches to the beat of its own drum, featuring tower defense elements, offense/defense mechanics, and economic management. In both a single-player campaign and ranked PvP modes, players must defend their lane from waves of attacking NPCs by building and positioning defensive units to prevent enemies from breaking through and harming their team’s last line of defense: their King.

Legion TD 2 is a game of tactics, teamwork, and prediction. Picking from one of eight playable factions (with over 100 unique units between them), players must carefully juggle how much money they invest into defending their lane, attacking opponents, and expanding their economy. With over a hundred units, options for randomized builders, and thousands of players online daily, no two matches are alike. In 2v2 and 4v4 matches, coordination between team members is essential for victory.

Unlike many established competitive games, newcomers to Legion TD 2 are welcomed with open arms with a single-player and co-op campaign that teaches all the core systems and strategies available. A dynamic, AI-based Game Coach gives players useful tips on how to optimize their economy and unit choices to push the advantage and truly dominate the battlefield. Newcomers are encouraged to take as long as they need to familiarize themselves before they begin the climb up the global ranking leaderboards.

Version 1.0 launches on Steam on October 1st with a 20% launch discount, reducing the price to $15.99/€13.59/£12.39.

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