Lexip Announces 2021 Customizable Gaming Accessories Hitting the US Market

PC gaming accessories company, Lexip, a Pixminds brand, announces the expansion of its worldwide product line for 2021. Featuring one new product alongside three acclaimed devices, this launch includes advanced models of computer mice, one of which, the Lexip Np93 Alpha, was awarded two CES Innovation Awards for 2021. The line-up also includes mouse pads and ceramic mouse feet, keyboards and cables (all available in the second half of 2021), creating an elite experience for PC gamers and designers of all levels. The new Lexip range of products includes the ability to personalize for comfort and specific gaming skill levels, offering a superior line of gaming peripherals that will enhance the gaming experience.

A full lineup of products is included below:

Product Range Available Now

  • Lexip Np93 Alpha – The latest addition to the range of products available in the US is the Lexip Np93 Alpha gaming mouse, which brings performance to the next level as the first mouse equipped with a thumb joystick. The Lexip Np93 Alpha is built to increase the amount of action done in a short period of time, especially suitable for serious gamers and esports professionals. This mouse can also be personalized with its two weight adjusters and up to 12 programmable macros. It also comes with real-time DPI change software to increase skill and enjoyment and a six ceramic glide fleet that drastically increases gliding durability overall and performance, through better accuracy and speed. (MSRP – $49.99)

  • Lexip Pu94 – This mouse is the first to merge 2 joysticks to master 3D environments intuitively on design software as well as flight simulators. It offers a wide variety of movements, reacting to slight pushes and perfect for long working sessions. (MSRP – $79.99)

  • Lexip B5 – This RGB mouse pad has a durable surface creating an increase in movement control, accuracy and responsiveness. The resistant metal frame is topped with a low-friction coating, ensuring perfect stability and high performance. (MSRP – $39.99)

  • Lexip Mo42 – These ceramic feet offer an incomparable glide and accuracy upgrade to any mouse. They are designed to withstand a succession of fast movements without stalling, ensuring better control and no lagging. (MSRP – $9.99)

Product Range Coming 2nd half of 2021

  • Lexip Ar18 – This gaming mouse is designed to create masterful play on all video games. Available for either wired or wireless sessions, the 6 ceramic glide feet on this peripheral increase performance through better accuracy and speed, while the central button makes it easy to change DPIs and backlight colours instantly. (MSRP – $39.99)
  • Lexip B10 – This extra large, heavy-duty mouse pad offers the perfect movement control along with increased precision and reaction time. The micro-textured smooth surface (with multiple customization options) optimizes gaming experiences by eliminating unwanted movement. (MSRP – $24.99)

Lexip’s portfolio expansion will continue throughout 2021 with webcams, keyboards, headsets and cables on the horizon that will be announced at a later date to bring together a whole coherent range of gaming accessories. Consistent with Lexip’s DNA, these new products will provide gaming enthusiasts with the most innovative devices catering to improving and enhancing gameplay.

“With every new launch, Lexip delivers state of the art in terms of innovation and sophistication in its range of products,” says Hugo Loi, Managing Director at Lexip, who adds “More and more PC gamers are embracing our products on a global basis due to the superior value they deliver, and our expanded distribution in the US and Europe makes getting Lexip products easier than ever.”

Product availability

  • The Lexip Pu94 and B5 are available on Amazon, GameStop.com and Walmart.com.
  • The Mo42 is also available at GameStop stores, BestBuy.com and Walmart.com.
  • The Lexip Np93 Alpha will be available on Amazon, Walmart.com and GameStop on 2/12.
  • The Ar18 and B10 will be available in the second semester of 2021 on Amazon, BestBuy.com, Walmart.com and most GameStop stores.
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