Life is Feudal: MMO Revived – Building Dream Medieval Empires

Long Tale Games, a multiverse publisher known for their innovative approaches to game development and relaunching titles, is excited to announce the revival of Life is Feudal: MMO on their LTG Multiverse gaming platform. With a renewed focus on community engagement and player satisfaction, the publisher aims to provide an equal and enjoyable experience for all players by removing paid boosters, the premium shop, and other pay-to-win features.

To ensure the best possible gaming experience, Long Tale Games has launched a playtest that is accessible to all players who have purchased the subscription. By involving the community in the development process, the publisher aims to create a positive environment for communication and collect valuable feedback to shape future updates. Players can stay informed about important upcoming updates through the company’s social media channels.

Life is Feudal: MMO offers players an immersive open-world survival experience set in a medieval setting. Starting from being stranded alone, players embark on an epic journey of building communities, constructing towns, castles, and fortresses, and ultimately dominating vast empires. The game features deep crafting mechanics, allowing players to shape the world of Abella through terraforming and resource gathering.

Long Tale Games is dedicated to exploring different approaches to game development, and their diverse portfolio includes classic titles as well as ventures into web3. With a team of industry experts, the company strives to give hidden gems and cult classics a second chance by employing tailored strategies for each project, encompassing channeling, porting, further development, and marketing support.

The revival of Life is Feudal: MMO on the LTG Multiverse platform marks an exciting chapter for fans of the game. With a renewed focus on community engagement, Long Tale Games aims to provide players with a truly immersive and enjoyable experience. By removing pay-to-win elements, the publisher ensures that every player has an equal opportunity to thrive and build their dream medieval empires. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as Life is Feudal: MMO continues to evolve and captivate players in its revitalized form.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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