Life of gamers. The most popular releases of PC games in 2023

Lots of people chose playing games as their leisure as it is the most popular form of entertainment. Due to modern technologies board games were partly replaced by online games, including online casinos, such as top paying online casino NZ.

Online entertainments offer a great variety of options. A preferable device and connection to the Internet allow you to play anytime and anywhere, which makes it convenient. In addition, it is a perfect way to socialize with players from all over the world.

The most popular games in the world

Without any doubts, 2022 was a favorable year for video games and online casinos for real money due to the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the expected games’ presentations have been postponed until 2023 because of the ongoing challenges worldwide. Here are the world’s most anticipated video games:

  1. The game will take place in an immersive galactic world with unbelievable graphics and realistic landscapes and characters. With this game, players can create the character they want and take an amusing journey in order to find answers to various mysteries. Anticipation for this game is determined by the fact that it is Bethesda Game Studios’ first new universe in 25 years.
  2. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. It is an adventure narrative-based game with characters from the Suicide Squad whose mission is to save the planet from Brainiac. The game will be available to be played solo or in a co-op mode. It does not matter which character you choose, it will be something special.
  3. Resident Evil 4. You are not mistaken – it definitely is a remake of the original 2005 Resident Evil 4. Now the game will have up-to-date gaming advancements in order to intensify the horror like in the original version. In addition, the storyline would be reinterpreted with fabulously detailed graphics.
  4. Skull and Bones. The game is a piracy simulator where players try to conquer the sea as a pirate putting things together in order to build a ship, gather a crew, and look for treasures. This game will definitely thrive with its unique virtues.
  5. Kerbal Space Program 2. It has been a long-awaited sequel since 2011. The game has faced a complete redesign to meet modern demands, although the characters and interactive challenges remained the same. Moreover, Kerbal Space Program 2 will contain a long-awaited multiplayer option.

The biggest tournaments of PC games

            Do you know what brings gamers together? Right, a competition. It can be either World of Warcraft or Mario Kart, all the games give a feeling of community and togetherness. Esports are inspiring and provide great competition and the trend is evolving. Gamers who play Counter-Strike or Dota have brought high stakes to the world of games competitions. Tournaments are held in large premises and the prize money is enormous. As long as a lot of money is put into esports, it might be difficult to state how profitable the attempt is. However, there is a big audience at these events. Major companies like YouTube or ESPN spend millions of dollars to win rights to broadcast these competitions.

If you are interested in the tournaments, we have prepared a list of the biggest events worldwide. Such events might be the greatest experience, especially if you want to test your skills with the best players in the world. Nevertheless, you might be just a spectator, there is a lot to see.

  • Call of Duty Championship. It consists of The Call of Duty World League and Call of Duty Pro League which are attended by professional players. However, only the best players are able to participate in the Call of Duty Championship, which is considered to be the highest level of the game. Each tournament is based on the latest version of the game.
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships. It started with Half-Life in 1999 and has grown into the most competitive esports game in the world. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships is the most respected competitive gaming tournament. It takes place twice a year with a prize of $1 million.
  • eSports World Convention. It is one of the longest-running events in esports history. This tournament started as a first-person shooter and later transformed into a variety of genres. ESWC was split into some annual events concentrated on Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Paris Games Week. Moreover, it is in partnership with Fortnite and other competitive games.
  • FIFA eWorld Cup. This tournament is often broadcasted on TV in many countries in order to find out the best virtual football player in the world. Rules are simple, you just have to register and qualify as one of the top players and you are ready to go. Challenging, isn’t it?
  • Evolution Championship Series. Fighting games have always been one of the most solid communities in the digital entertainment world with hundreds of regional tournaments taking place in many corners of the world. It started as a small competition and has grown into a three-day event. Interestingly, it is open for both amateur and professional players with a very welcoming atmosphere.

Alternatives of games. Are gaming and gambling similar?

Gambling and gaming have very much in common. The major difference is that in gaming the result is gained through skills and not by chance, while in gambling it is vice versa. Actually, many activities are similar in both gaming and gambling. As far as the overlap together with their increased popularity and fast growth, researchers have built a structure to simplify differences between them.

To make it more clear, for instance, gamling-like gaming is a video game that reveals games you can play on a casino simulator. By the way, some casino games might be played through social media. Free gambling-like games are now more popular than gambling online with real money. Recent studies have shown that people who enjoy these types of games are more likely to face gambling problems, however, there are no particular facts about the case, but obviously, some games became similar to gambling. And there has been an increase in the number of people who bet on video games.

Gambling and gaming are convergent which makes both of them more amusing and exciting for players and lead to a high level of involvement.


Gaming together with gambling has made sufficient progress over the past few decades. As the players are able to access all their favorite games and sites without leaving home, not to mention the huge amount of games available, it’s easy to see why online gaming and gambling keep their popularity.




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