LilyPichu Wins First Ever UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Stars tournament series

Mattel163, a global game developer and publisher, has revealed its first champion from the UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Stars tournament. Internet sensation, LilyPichu, known for her video game live streams and viral gaming parody songs, was crowned the winner of this weekend’s finals. The All-Stars tournament was the first of its kind for UNO! Mobile. It saw over 20 million views during the tournament, as fans tuned in to watch live streams and top highlights of 16-star gamers battling it out for a solid gold UNO wildcard.

Winning the title of UNO! Mobile Champion comes alongside a roster of accomplishments for LilyPichu. She has established a community of almost 3 million fans on YouTube. Her success online, for which she recently won “Best Music Streamer” and was nominated for “Best League of Legends Streamer” at The Streamer Awards 2022, stems from a number of viral parody songs about gaming and content creation across numerous titles.

Unpredictable Ups and Downs in the Spotlight

Wild early tournament moves and strategy-driven gameplay posed Orange Juice and BenTimm1 as the favorites to win. But the tournament saw an unpredicted turn of events when the fan-favorite contestants got voted back into the finals. Despite losing in week two against Bobby Plays and NoahFromYoutube, LilyPichu advanced to the finals after being voted in by players in UNO! Mobile. After battling it out against three other influencers, her return to the game and success in the finals brought about the defeat of fellow Wildcard Series finalist kkatamina and ended the winning streak from week one’s victors BenTimm1 and Orange Juice.

LilyPichu says she is honored to take home the solid gold UNO wildcard, “This is one of the things I’ll keep until I am 80 years old. And if I have grandchildren, I’ll say ‘I won the UNO Mobile Tournament in August 2022!’ I never expected UNO! Mobile could be an esport, I thought it was much more casual. But as I was playing in the All-Stars Tournament, I was actually trying! I found myself sweating a little bit.”

Amy Huang, CEO of Mattel163 comments on the conclusion of the tournament, “Congratulations to LilyPichu, the first UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series champion ever! She pulled out a show stopping win and it’s fantastic to see more female players making their mark in competitive gaming. All the All-Stars gamers gave a spectacular effort across the competition, and it’s been phenomenal seeing how people have engaged with our UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series tournament. Community, accessibility and inclusion are all important pillars of our game, and breaking into the esports space with such resounding success really affirms our efforts to establish UNO! Mobile as a competitive title.”

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