Limited Edition of NES/SNES Converter Wingman SNES Hits the Market

Limited Edition of NES/SNES Converter “Wingman SNES” Hits the Market.

The gaming accessory brand from Taiwan, Brook, launches the converter “Wingman SNES” compatible with NES/SNES to meet the demand of the retro game market. It makes it possible for players fond of retro games to use modern joysticks and fighting sticks onto retro consoles. Wingman SNES possesses a powerful cross-platform support function, which enables to support 4 kinds of Nintendo retro consoles with one converter. It supports more than 125 joysticks and fighting sticks with high stability and low latency, which won’t influence the operations during games at all. Wingman SNES is a superb accessory customized for retro players to have more fun playing retro games. Wingman SNES is available on January 21st with a limited quantity of 2,000. The official retail price will be USD $45.

Adhering to the brand spirit of Brook which is devoted to supporting multi-platforms, Wingman SNES not only supports NES/SNES but also supports SFC/New FC of Japanese Edition in terms of retro consoles. As for controllers, it offers more options, capable of supporting more than 125 wired/wireless joysticks and fighting sticks. The feature of diverse and powerful product support of Wingman SNES meets the requirements of various players.

Wingman SNES has Plug & Play design featuring extremely easy and simple installation with stability and low latency during usage. Game operations won’t be affected by the additional converter. In addition to the application of supporting diverse joysticks, Brook simultaneously adds Remap and Turbo functions on the converter. Players are able to set the buttons based on their own habits and play shooting games more handily. The upgraded functions of retro games provide players with better gaming experience.

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