Little Cities Celebrates One Year with Sandbox Update Announcement

Purple Yonder and nDreams recently marked the one-year anniversary of their popular cozy city creation game, Little Cities, with an exclusive trailer at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase. The trailer not only commemorated the game’s journey over the past 12 months but also unveiled the highly anticipated Sandbox Update, set to release in June 2023. This free-form creative update promises to provide players with a dreamy setting to craft their very own islands and indulge in limitless creative possibilities.

A Year of Cozy City Creation

Since its launch, Little Cities has captured the hearts of players with its charming and delightful gameplay. The developers, Purple Yonder and nDreams, have been dedicated to enhancing the game’s experience through regular updates and the introduction of exciting features. Hand Tracking support was among the notable additions, allowing players to interact with their creations in a more immersive way. The introduction of monumental new Attractions brought further depth and variety to the gameplay, while the inclusion of Little Citizens wandering the streets added a lively touch to player-created cities.

Introducing the Sandbox Update

With the forthcoming Sandbox Update, Little Cities is taking creativity to new heights. Players will have the opportunity to build their own islands from scratch, enabling them to unleash their imagination and create their dream environments. The update is designed to provide a limitless free-form experience, allowing players to shape their worlds according to their preferences. Whether players envision tranquil beachfront towns, bustling metropolises, or charming rural landscapes, the Sandbox Update will empower them to bring their visions to life.

A Dreamy Setting for Limitless Fun

The Sandbox Update in Little Cities promises to transport players to a truly dreamy setting. With the freedom to construct their own islands, players can craft picturesque landscapes, intricate cityscapes, and captivating natural wonders. Whether they choose to create serene gardens, towering skyscrapers, or meandering rivers, the creative possibilities are endless. The Sandbox Update aims to provide a relaxing and immersive experience, allowing players to escape into their own little slice of paradise within the game.

What’s Next?

As excitement builds for the upcoming Sandbox Update, Purple Yonder and nDreams have promised to share more details in the coming weeks. Players can look forward to learning about the additional features, tools, and customization options that will be available in the update. The developers’ commitment to delivering a high-quality and engaging experience is evident, and fans of Little Cities can anticipate a wealth of creative opportunities awaiting them in the Sandbox Update.

Little Cities’ one-year anniversary celebration brought with it a thrilling announcement for fans of the cozy city creation game. The Sandbox Update, set to release in June 2023, promises to offer players a vast canvas for their creative endeavors. Purple Yonder and nDreams’ dedication to enhancing the gameplay experience shines through with the introduction of this free-form content update. As players eagerly await the release, they can look forward to crafting their own islands and immersing themselves in a world of limitless possibilities. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and information about the Sandbox Update in Little Cities!

Platforms: Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2

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