Lo-Fi Visual Novel ghostpia to Release This Year

PQube is excited to announce that the picture-book-styled visual novel ‘ghostpia’ is releasing on Steam and Nintendo Switch this year!

‘ghostpia’ is a visual novel with a vibrant lo-fi aesthetic that looks like a picture book, inspired by nostalgia and adorned with glitches and noise. Follow Sayoko’s captivating story as she searches for answers in this isolated town, surrounded by a vast desert of snow and unable to fit in with the ghostly atmosphere.​

Enjoy a rich cinematic experience with 100% pure narrative gameplay to fully immerse yourself in ghostpia’s deep story.

  • Kinetic gameplay – No branching routes or quick-time events, ‘ghostpia’ is designed for you to sit back and sink into the storyline, enjoying it like a movie
  • Dynamic Visual Novel – Explore a story filled with movement, animation, and beautiful sounds that elevate the traditional visual novel experience. Full of intense emotion and themes of friendship, loneliness, and an endless revival
  • Beautiful soundtrack and sound effects – the gentle music craft the atmosphere of this snowy ghost town, drawing you into its world
  • A dazzling Lo-fi aesthetic – picture book-styled illustrations and the option to turn glitch effects on or off
  • An isolated town – separated from the world by snow, this is a town where immortal “ghosts”, people who are unable to die, reside
  • Lovable Characters – ‘ghostpia’ is filled with strange and interesting characters, from the protagonist Sayoko to the mysterious Yoru
  • Coming West for the First Time – Originally released on mobile and web browsers only in Japan
  • A story of friendship – the struggles of friendships are the core of ‘ghostpia’, as Sayoko struggles to accept people into her life
  • A brand-new version of the game – with new music, higher resolution illustrations, and more complex animations
  • Includes the complete five episodes of ‘ghostpia’ Season One

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, iOS

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