Local co-op mode has just been added to the game, so find a couch to chill on with your fam and start crushing some mighty bosses in Fury Unleashed – or play with them online using the Parsec streaming tool!

If there was one thing that was still missing from the dynamic, action-packed, run-and-gun gameplay of Fury Unleashed, it was the ability to share the fun with your best friend. But that’s all about to change – starting today, you can face enemies, collect ink, discover secrets, and roam through comic book pages with your wingman by your side.

The latest co-op announce trailer:

The game mode can be tested by purchasing Fury Unleashed on Steam Early Access.

Local co-op is the biggest addition, but it’s not the only change that’s come with the latest Fury Unleashed update. Gamers can also expect:

  • New tunes composed by Adam Skorupa and Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz
  • Secrets to be discovered in random places in the game world
  • Special golden ink you can get by killing enemies or being a Destructive Fury on a level. You can spend the ink on additional equipment to help you to progress through the game
  • Elite enemies – not as strong as bosses, but more demanding than regular opponents – adding additional challenges to your playthrough
  • New NPCs you can meet and interact with on your way through the comic books!

Fury Unleashed is currently available on Steam Early Access. The game will launch simultaneously on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch™ in early 2019.

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