Lord Winklebottom Investigates Switch and PlayStation 4 Physical Editions on the Way

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CaveMonsters and Funstock are excited to announce that the thrilling mystery point-and-click adventure, Lord Winklebottom Investigates, is coming soon to physical format on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4!

It’s the 1920s and the world’s foremost detective is about to embark on his most challenging case yet – he also just so happens to be a giraffe.

A mysterious invitation to an isolated island results in a grisly death and a race against time to track down the killer. With the help of your steadfast hippopotamus companion, Doctor Frumple, it’s up to you to uncover vital clues, interview suspects and solve puzzles to crack the case.

Don your deerstalker and immerse yourself in a world inspired by the best of British murder mysteries! It’s up to you to interrogate a wild cast of eccentric characters, all embroiled in a mysterious plot inspired by the detective fiction of Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie.

Capture the killer and uncover the horrifying dark secret at the heart of the Isle of Barghest!

Encounter anthropomorphic creatures of all different shapes and sizes, from giddy goat maids to gardening slugs! Get to know each and every character through their colorful, fully voice-acted dialogue. Will you be able to best the killer’s animal instincts?

Point and click your way through a wide variety of beautifully hand-painted locations on your quest to uncover the truth and avenge Lord Winklebottom’s dear friend, the late Admiral Gilfrey.

Focus on hunting criminals, not pixels with optimized yet old-school mechanics. Lead a thrilling and absurdly comical murder investigation while enjoying smooth, nostalgic console gameplay!

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Xbox Series S|X, Mac Operating Systems

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