Lovecraftian Roguelite RPG Source of Madness Recieves Festive Krampus and Cold Air Update

New boss, class, and cultish curses added in the latest update to the Lovecraftian roguelite action RPG.

Christmas’ pagan roots are on show to horrifying goat-cult levels in the big new update to Thunderful & Carry Castle’s roguelite action RPG Source of Madness, a Lovecraftian odyssey powered by procedural generation and AI machine learning that generates unique horrors for you to face on every run.

The Krampus and Cold Air update adds a towering eldritch horror for players to conquer in the form of Krampus, the ancient high priest of the goat people that has awoken and now blocks the path to the old age altar of the Icemancers. For those who manage to defeat this epic boss, the road to unlocking the Icemancer class awaits. This new class gives you an air-dash that allows you to glide atop a transmuted path of ice – with great skill, it can be a deadly weapon.

The goat people aren’t the only cult in Source of Madness’ twisted universe. With other cults springing into existence, This new update offers you the option to pray to a variety of outer and elder gods, whether they listen or not. It’s a gamble – you never know if you will receive some of the most legendary spells or a curse that will make you scream at the gods in anguish. The new Krampus and Cold Air update also brings changes to the Pyromancer class, with Pyromancers now dropping a timed explosive on dash, igniting creatures that dare to give chase in a ball of flame.

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