Low Tier God throws mad shade at CeroBlast for being nonbinary transsexual after a rage quit

Self-proclaimed “Actor, entertainer, philosopher, body perfectionist, realist, futurist, and a scholar with a mind from the future” Low Tier God threw made shade at CeroBlast after an almost instant rage quit recently. Calling Cero, a slew of homophobic slurs then offering his opinion on how to be transsexual in today’s world.

CeroBlast who recently came out to the world in a tweet on March 31st, 2020 has struggled with Depression, Identity Disorder, Gender Dysphoria, and Body Dysphoria their entire life.

Cero is a professional Street Fighter V player who represents BDG Esports and managed to rack up 105 carrier points on the Capcom Pro Tour in 2019. Cero has also managed to reach the Warlord rank for being top 30 on the Capcom Fighting Network attaining over 400k in league points.

Low Tier God has disgruntledly made his way through the professional Street Fighter scene over the years. His most notable accolade was his appearance on ELEAGUE The Challenger: Street Fighter V reality show. He has a history of being banned from social/live streaming platforms and has recently taken to YouTube to share his content. Some say it’s all an act and he doesn’t really mean anything he says in front of the camera.

Sigh… I have a high tolerance for a lot of shit. I know LTG talks a lot of shit and doesn’t mean it sometimes but, dude you got kids watching your stream. This is what you’re teaching them lol… -CeroBlast


If you play fighting games or are in the Fighting Game Community then you know that feeling of instant burning rage when you get cheesed or lose a match you should have won. Some people control it better than others we see people break controllers, punch walls, throw shade, then there are some who Zen master it and simply “next game it” or “run it back”. Sometimes friendships are lost its just the nature of the beast, someone must lose.

We are all entitled to our own opinion about any subject we believe in. Do you think Low Tier God was out of bounds or was he just acting in his part in front of the camera?

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