MAGIN – a dark, highly thrilling adventure RPG is a Kickstarter hidden gem

Magin: The Rat Project Stories has launched its Kickstarter campaign last week and gained almost 30% of the goal already. This grimdark narrative-driven deckbuilding RPG needs $50 000 to be fully completed and is set to be released on PCs and consoles once finished. Help developers make it happen and support the game on Kickstarter!

Magin is a narrative-driven, adventure RPG with deckbuilding mechanics, turn-based combat, and a disturbing, non-linear plot. You can already get a grasp of this beautiful handcrafted experience by playing the FREE DEMO on Steam. Remember that all your choices matter!

A magic mixture of many exciting genres

The gameplay mechanics of Magin fuses an adventure game, based on the exploration of a 2D world and interaction with the environment and characters with a card-based combat system reminiscent of Slay the Spire and other deckbuilding games. The element that combines them is the emotion mechanic, that influences both stats during combat, and the choices you make. An additional point of contact between them is the card collecting system, based on exploration and character decisions.

Mature and disturbing story

Magins are mages whose abilities are tied to the flow of the Essence, directed by their emotional state. Because of their powers, they are treated either as dangerous outcasts, or research specimens. Tolen and Elester – Magins, mediums of the Essence are holding few things in common, but they are bound by a fate that neither of them suspects.

Developers aim to tell an engrossing story with difficult decisions to make and multiple endings. They are creating a rich, mysterious world, full of multidimensional characters, and atmospheric locations. A point in history where medieval culture is confronted with the invention of industrial, magic-powered machines.


Stunning visuals and atmospheric soundtrack

The handcrafted comic-book art style is inspired by Mike Mignola’s works, Studio Ghibli movies, Fullmetal Alchemist, Berserk, or Naruto, as well as Persona franchise and of course – Darkest Dungeon. Combining all that, The Rat Project studio wants to achieve a look that is somewhat new and combines heavy lines with a lighter anime style.
Composed by Tom Acrofear, music enhances the narrative, immerse players in the world, and tug at the gamers’ heartstrings.

Key features

  • Adventure game – interact with the environment and investigate items to get a better grasp of the context for the plot.
  • Emotions mechanics – maintain the emotions of your characters, choose the path they’ll follow, deal with the impact of your choices.
  • Non-linear story – immerse yourself into a cold and harsh fantasy world of our creation. Follow the main characters through their journey of a lost and redeemed hope.
  • Card system – build your deck as the story progresses and face stronger enemies. Use RPG influenced elements such as storyline choices or merchants to modify your deck.
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