Manage an IT Company in Service IT: You can do IT Coming to Steam Next Fest

The project is being developed by the fantastic team of FreeMind Games.

Service IT: You can do IT, “tycoonish” simulation about creating and managing an IT service company now with a playable demo on Steam Next Fest.

Who never had problems with computers raise your hand! Professional or newbie in new technologies, once in a while needs support. You face problems and solve them quickly. There’s no way it can’t do. Test, fix, talk, set deadlines, and hire people. Try to become an owner of a successful IT service company.

You’re the owner of a full-service IT solutions company. Diagnose and repair the equipment, solve the problems of your customers, and provide technical support. Configure the network, hire and manage your crew. Remember to control your finances. Become the best service IT company in the world!

An integral part of a service technician’s job is diagnosing and repairing defective parts. Replace capacitors, resistors, and even integrated circuits using the necessary tools. Replace outdated equipment with new ones. Over time, some equipment begins to fall short of the requirements placed on it. In order to deliver the highest level of service, the customer can order the replacement of the computer kit, routers, or server components. Select the right components and install them. Remember, if you are not careful with repairs, you can cause more damage!

Being an owner, you can’t just focus on doing the work of a service technician. Build your place of work. Choose the best furniture, find the perfect setting, and order things online. Invest in your workspace.

The device needs to be properly configured for proper operation. Assign IP addresses, create and grant permissions to users, update programs, and more. Gather information about the fault. Ask questions of the person with the problem to locate the fault and eliminate it quickly. User management will also be within the scope of the signed contracts. Edit users, add new ones, create groups and manage uprights.

The office is your second home, so make sure you have the right decor and comfort for you and your employees. You have complete freedom in designing the space, selecting decorations, purchase of facilities, and locating workstations.

By completing more assignments, your company earns reputation points that help unlock more favorable and higher-paying one-time assignments or long-term contracts.

invest in more courses to expand your range of skills and provide increasingly comprehensive services. Negotiate the best contract terms.

As your reputation and the number of orders increase, you will need additional hands to do the work. Review profiles of candidates and invite the best ones for a job interview. Be sure to regular tax payments, check the financial health of the company, and if necessary choose the loan that best suits your needs. Stay up to date with the order exchange and negotiate the best possible rates.

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