Management best-seller Game Dev Tycoon is out today on Nintendo Switch!

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at running your own game studio, on the go from your Nintendo Switch? Now you can, as the management classic Game Dev Tycoon is out today on Nintendo Switch! Along with this new release, Greenheart Games are adding a new cross-save feature, so you can now import your PC or mobile save file to the Switch and vice versa.

After charming over two million players on PC and Mobile, Game Dev Tycoon now lets you start your developer journey on your Nintendo Switch: from your garage in the 80s, to building and managing your team, researching new technologies and game genres, and finally growing your studio into a household name.

“The Nintendo Switch is just an amazingly innovative console with a diverse audience of gamers and it’s an honour to release Game Dev Tycoon on it. We took our time but the game feels now right at home, making full use of the touch screen and Joy-con controllers,” said Patrick Klug, co-founder of Greenheart Games.

“While the cross-save feature was designed to allow players to continue their game wherever they prefer, we are already seeing some creative uses where players use this feature to play through the game collaboratively, by sending each other save codes and taking turns. I can’t wait to see how this evolves.”


  • Start a solo studio in the 80s, and grow it into a world-leading development team
  • Create your own games, mixing-and-matching genres, topics and platforms
  • Hire, manage and promote your development team (but beware of crunch!)
  • Open your own R&D lab and become an industry leader
  • Import your saves from PC and mobile to continue your journey to game dev stardom
  • Play the way you want: the new Switch interface supports both touch and Joy-Con gameplay!
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