MANU Video Game Maker is a Code-Free Game Engine Announced

MANU Video Game Maker, an easy-to-use game engine that requires no coding, has been announced as a newcomer in the game engine industry. MANU Video Game Maker will be entering early alpha early 2020 and as the engine moves forward with development, developers can sign up for pre-registration.

With an intuitive interface and one-click editing options, MANU is set to provide a seamless user creative experience providing a suite of tools including a diverse user interface editing options, animation, and sound editing all in one centralized timeline, a level map editor for creating expansive worlds, character editor, and much more.


“MANU is developed by experienced game industry professionals and has received positive feedback from our first testers – indie developers from all over the world. We can’t wait for the engine to be available for a wider audience to simplify their game development workflow, so we are very excited to bring the alpha in 2020” said Oleg Kostrikin, MANU CEO.

A full list of Alpha features includes:

  • No coding – A script-free approach to development with triggers and timeline
  • Assets management – create assets from separate elements or groups of objects to re-use them multiple times in various levels and even games
  • Easy to use – Avoid the hassle of difficult development workflows with simplified solutions such as drag n’ drop levels development, property settings, and more
  • Set the motion – Animate and voice characters and interactive environments, use Skeletal Animations from your favorite 3D-editor, tune sounds and plan scene dynamics.
  • Outstanding graphics for Indie Developers – Various Materials, Post Processing Techniques, and Effects
  • Powerful performance – Work fast while having a small file size
  • Flexible UI editor – Create an adaptive game interface in no time
  • Level map editor – Add levels, cutscenes, set links between them and different menu screens
  • Characters and NPCs editor – Create characters and set easy customized states

Manu 1

Upcoming features:

  • Multiplatform game export – Optimize games for Android, iOS, consoles, PC and Mac
  • Monetization – get revenue from Advertising and In-App Purchases
  • Photorealistic Rendering – PBR materials and Physically-Based Rendering
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