MapleStory 2 Kicks Off New Year with Skybound Expansion: Phase 2 Launching January 10

MapleStory 2, the all-new MMORPG available on Nexon Launcher and Steam is launching the second phase of its Skybound Expansion on January 10. The rollout includes a new chapter of epic quests in the Sky Fortress area.


With the update, the Fortress Rumble Dungeon is introduced. Players who reach the “Trusted” reputation can enter 5 types of single-player dungeons. The new dungeon rewards include Legendary weapons and armor, which can be obtained through rank rewards.

The update also brings the incredibly challenging Wrath of Infernog Chaos Raid. Players can enter when they earn the “Alliance Soldier” Trophy and have reached at minimum level 50 with a 9,000 gear score. Players who complete this dungeon will have the opportunity to obtain Pluto’s accessory set: the very first Legendary accessories in the game.

Additional updates include Housing User Interface adjustments, and a variety of fun seasonal events to kickoff the New Year.

Between January 10 to January 31, players can participate in new events including:

  • Infernog Expedition Support  –  Players level 10 and above can obtain Expedition Commemorative Coins based on cumulative login time
  • 2019 Lucky Pouch – Players level 10 and above can complete various quests to obtain a Lucky Pouch, and additionally can earn rewards by opening specific numbers of Lucky Pouches.
  • Hide-and-Seek Hijinks – Players level 10 and above must complete 16 various quests based on the corresponding NPCs. Players who complete quests will obtain rewards.  Players who became “Friend of the Day” and contributed to the quest condition check will get a buff.

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