MapleStory’s 17th Anniversary Event Sends You to Blooming Forest

MapleStory, the original free-to-play, side-scrolling 2D MMORPG from Nexon, has announced that the latest update in celebration of the game’s 17th Anniversary, Blooming Forest, is now live. The update brings an overabundance of nature to the forest of Arcana and the spirits are inviting Maplers to come to spend some time amongst the flowers, trees, rocks – and even the weeds!

The MapleStory story is one of longevity in a time when games come to market in a flash – and are gone just as fast. Launched globally in 2005, the unique 2D side-scrolling MMORPG with an aggressively cute game style, earned MapleStory legions of fans, known as Maplers, and a player base that longs for a hit of nostalgia. Now, in its seventeenth year, MapleStory continues to grow to offer new, exciting challenges and rewarding adventures to Maplers of all ages.

And, to celebrate MapleStory’s 17th Anniversary, the spirits have brought special events to the Blooming Forest! Maplers can earn Blooming Coins from various activities during the events, which can then be used at the Blooming Communal Coin Shop and the Blooming Personal Coin Shop for value enhancement and cosmetic items.

There are many ways for Maplers to spend quality time in the Arcana forest by participating in themed events and missions, including:

  • Blossoming Flowers (April 27th to June 14th, 2022): Help the Blooming Flowers in Blooming Forest by giving them sunshine and obtaining rewards and Blooming Skill Points each time they bloom! Blooming Skill Points can be used to enhance Maplers passive stats.
  • Floral Blessing (April 27th to June 14th, 2022): Scatter flower seeds so beautiful flowers can bloom everywhere in spring. When accepting the quest, Maplers’ will acquire the Floral Blessing Skill, which will provide perks and bonuses. Strengthen Floral Blessing Skill by leveling it up and, in turn, it will provide Maplers with additional Blooming Coins.
  • Blooming Race (April 27th to May 24th, 2022): Charge through the map, avoiding various obstacles over five stages of the race, earning Blooming Coins based on the last stage cleared.
  • Legion Gardening (April 27th to June 14th, 2022): Give a helping hand and remove weeds for the flowers of the Blooming Forest to blossom! Players with Legion level over 500 (cumulative total of all of your character’s levels) will continue removing weeds regardless of the login status.
  • Blooming Moment (April 27th to June 14th, 2022): The sunlight and wind of Blooming Forest are very special! Enter Blooming Forest Meadow map every 30-minute mark of each hour to receive either Warm Spring Sunlight or Cool Spring Wind buff. Cool Spring Wind will be active every odd-number hours, while Warm Spring Sunlight will be active every even-number hours. Warm Spring Sunlight and Cool Spring Wind buffs will stack with other similar buff effects.
    • Warm Spring Sunlight: Grants EXP +15% for 30 minutes
    • Cool Spring Wind: Grants STR/DEX/INT/LUK +15, Weapon ATT / Magic ATT +15, Enemy Defense Ignored +15%, Boss Damage +15%, MaxHP/MaxMP +1,500 for 30 minutes

Don’t leave the gardens of the Arcana forest untended! Heaps of fun and bountiful rewards await MapleStory players in the Blooming Forest.

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