Marvel Contest of Champions 2023 Roadmap Revealed, 2 New Champions Highlighted

Celebrating its 8th Anniversary and the new year, Kabam’s popular mobile fighter MARVEL Contest of Champions unveiled the Year 8 Narrative Roadmap, showcasing what the future holds for players and their Champions. Find out what’s in store for The Contest in 2023!

This month, The Masters of Evil Baron Zemo and Absorbing Man arrive in Haasenstadt only to be met by an old foe. See how they fare in an all-new Champion Reveal Trailer – Overture of Evil – unveiling the new Champions coming to The Contest. With over 200 Champions in The Contest, players can also add other legendary MCU-inspired characters to their roster including Titania, Yellowjacket, Ghost more!

The Collector calls on Aegon, Hyperion, and Howard the Duck to investigate a break-in with sinister implications. Alongside the Summoner, these heroes will uncover the arrival of the Masters of Evil – Baron Zemo and Absorbing Man!


Carl “Crusher” Creel was an American professional Heavyweight boxer turned enforcer. While locked up in prison he was mutated using Asgardian magic by the trickster god Loki using a special potion. Creel then obtained the ability to absorb the properties of anything he touches and used his new-found power to break free from prison and soon became a villain for hire. He was later recruited into the Masters of Evil by Baron Zemo.

Baron Helmut Zemo, 13th in the esteemed Zemo lineage, has walked the path of evil ever since his father, Heinrich, died fighting his nemesis, Captain America. Consumed by a need for revenge and control, Baron Zemo reformed his father’s Masters of Evil in an attempt to take down the Avengers. He later founded the Thunderbolts, villains masquerading as heroes, in another ploy for world domination. Ingenious, resourceful, and above all, patient, Zemo knows his ultimate victory is only a matter of time.

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