Marvel Contest of Champions Update Adds Titania & Iron Man (Infamous)

The Contest continues as Kabam introduces the indestructible TITANIA and Dr. Victor Von Doom’s mantle as the INFAMOUS IRON MAN in an all-new Champion Reveal Trailer – Grudge Match – unveiling the two new Champions coming to the popular mobile fighter MARVEL Contest of Champions. Titania will join all rosters of new and existing Summoners free for players who download and log in beginning September 7th and concluding on October 2nd. Also, be sure to look out for Marvel-themed slot machines at THA Casino.

Also, check out an all-new episode of “Inside The Contest” that breaks down what The Contest has in store, an all-new first look at Act 8 Chapter 1, Battlegrounds, and their latest Champions.

Here is a quick look at what’s coming this month:

Titania’s teamed up with The Champion and is wreaking havoc throughout The Battlerealm. It falls to She-Hulk to rein in her titanic foe with the help of none other than the heroic Victor Von Doom as Infamous Iron Man! Can these mismatched heroes take down the terrifying Titania and the colossal Champion? Or will they be crushed under the heel of these mighty menaces? Find out in GRUDGE MATCH!

Once a scrawny and timid girl, Mary MacPherran was recruited by Doctor Doom into an evil army of superhumans. Through Doom’s twisted science, Mary was transformed into the super strong and nigh indestructible Titania. Now a super-powered bully and formidable villain, Titania is constantly picking fights to prove just how strong she is… especially with her archrival She-Hulk.

Iron Man (Infamous): Following an epiphany about his possible calling in life, Dr. Victor Von Doom decides to take on the role of Iron Man after Stark’s lapse into a coma. Donning one of Tony’s suits, Doom sets out to use his intricate knowledge of the supercriminal world to obliterate it completely. Though he has good intentions and is legitimate in his attempt to atone, his lack of social skills and the weight of his past deeds make it impossible for his former enemies, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Fantastic 4, to trust him.

Titania will arrive in-game on September 15th and Iron Man (Infamous) on September 29th. Also, the official release of the long-awaited Battlegrounds is coming on September 12th!

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