Massive Update Coming to World War II Simulation Uboat

The update 2022.1 is a major update to UBOAT which has been worked on since the beginning of 2022. It’s scheduled for a release on October 15th. After that, it will leave the Early Access with the next update in 2023.

The update introduces a full 1939 campaign that lets the players depart on the journey through the entire World War II from its start on September 1st, 1939 to the surrender of Germany in May 1945. The 1939 campaign adds new content like the entire Norwegian Campaign, minelaying activities near the British Isles, or a mission inspired by Das Boot, where players will have to rendezvous with an interned German ship in the Spanish port of Vigo.

The game’s world has gone through a major overhaul to improve its authenticity. The most important ports in the game like La Rochelle, Wilhelmshaven, or Bergen have been remade from the scratch for historical authenticity, having real shapes, districts, and defenses. Their new incarnations are based on hours upon hours of research by browsing through old photographs and books.

Players may now order the construction of large bunkers designed specifically to protect submarines in many of these ports. They allow the u-boat to safely resupply without being exposed to danger from the enemy aircraft.

There is now a season simulation with snow cover in the winter and leaves changing color in the autumn. Climate zones are also simulated with varied plant life between the regions.

Allied warships starting in late 1942 are being armed with Hedgehog, an anti-submarine mortar. The Hedgehog launches a series of projectiles at high speed that fall into the water and detonate on impact with the submarine’s hull. It’s one of the most deadly anti-submarine weapons that the Allies had at their disposal.

Allies now have flush decker destroyers at their disposal belonging to the following classes: Wickes-class, Clemson-class, Caldwell-class, and Town class with subtypes A, B, C, and D.

All destroyers of these types were manufactured by the United States, but many of them were later transferred to many navies around the world, including the Royal Navy. They often went through significant modifications in their new homes and this is also reflected in the game.

Allies now launch massive air raids at ports under German control. Players may protect their u-boats from this threat by constructing previously mentioned submarine pens. Enemies are now also smarter with improved AI that allows them to better deduce where the submarine is without using magic knowledge in the process.

The update improves compatibility with Steam Deck to make the game playable on these consoles without major issues.

We’ve seen players’ feedback that it doesn’t feel right that some officers had to remain in a bed during battle because all stations were occupied. To improve that we added a new activity for the officers that allows them to command the ship and coordinate damage control activities from the control room. By doing so, they can support others and provide various ship-wide benefits that correlate with their skills.

Another crew management aspect improved is that the alarm can now be controlled manually by the player. The toggled alarm provides various bonuses, although also brings some small drawbacks that make it unsustainable for long periods of time. It allows the officers to keep working as long as it’s active, even when their energy drops to zero, but keeping them in such a state for a long time may be dangerous for their health.

The crew now uses toilets. It’s a small addition that adds to the overall immersion.

The in-game map was improved graphically in numerous ways to look more like a real paper map, enhancing immersion.

There are also many new activities added to the HQ map like the possibility to send officers to a navy’s academy to gain additional experience, new construction projects, and aerial reconnaissance tasks.

A deck gun’s optical sight view was an extremely common request among the players of late and it’s now also implemented in this release.

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