Medieval Hack and Slash MORDHAU Slices Into Consoles with Cross-Play

Join in on epic 64-person battles for the first time on Xbox and PlayStation.

Triterinon is bringing its hugely successful multiplayer slasher, MORDHAU, to consoles later this year. PlayStation and Xbox players will soon be able to create their mercenary and send limbs flying as they battle it out in fast-paced, brutal encounters set against the backdrop of a realistic medieval world.

Enter a frenzied battlefield with up to 64 players where you can fight hand-to-hand using free-form melee and ranged attacks. Whether wielding a greatsword, raining arrows from above, or even sitting back to build fortifications, nowhere on the battlefield is safe. Players can lead cavalry charges, fight on ladders, and take control of catapults and ballista to help secure victory.

Console players can fully customize their character through sculpting, right down to how they sound, what weapons they wield and which armor they wear, all with the aim of creating the perfect warrior ready to charge into battle.

Quench your bloodthirst in a range of game modes. Participate in large-scale battles where players can attack and defend in ‘Invasion,’ fight for territory in ‘Frontline’ with up to 64 other players, or defend the Noble against enemies in ‘Horde’. Console players will also brawl on smaller maps such as ‘Deathmatch’, ‘Team Deathmatch, and ‘Skirmish’.

While PC players are no stranger to the battlefields in MORDHAU, this will be a clean slate for console players. Cross-play will only be allowed from console to console. PC players who own a next-generation console can also enjoy starting their medieval conquest again since the game’s first release in 2019.

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