Metin2: Conquerors of Yohara – Curse of the Serpent Queen Content Update

Content Update 21.0: Curse of the Serpent Queen starts Today!

This new content update players will continue their adventure across the continent of Yohara. Serpent Queen Nethis has set out on a mission in search of an ancient temple to establish control of it in Sung Mahi’s name but upon reaching the temple, a cruel curse befell Nethis and her army, twisting their bodies and turning them into horrific serpentine creatures. Now it is up to the bravest warriors to destroy the Serpent Queen and her battalion or suffer the same fate and join her ranks!

Curse of the Serpent Queen New Features:

  • New Zone – Yilad Pass: Venture along the cursed, winding road to gain access to the Serpent Temple and experience a new, thrilling storyline. Warriors adventurous enough to make the trek will be rewarded with new legendary armor to aid them.
  • New Dungeon – Serpent Temple: At the center of Yilad Pass lies the impregnable lair of the Serpent Queen: The Serpent Temple. Battling with new, slithery, serpentine monsters using challenging new mechanics across several sub-basements will net adventurers rare drops such as Serpent equipment and other rare loot. Craft at the Serpent Statue to evade the curse of the Serpent Queen!
  • New Dungeon – Mysterious Dungeon: A twisted maze awaits you in Nam Gwang Chasm bursting with rapidly spawning different types of monsters, high-level weapons, and a new, mysterious talisman.
  • New Armour Set – Serpent Equipment: Deck your character in the finest and most powerful serpentine armor with room for several bonuses that can be upgraded.
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