Mixer.com announces shutdown, what lies ahead

Microsoft acquired the Beam live streaming service in August 2016 which was just a year later renamed, Mixer. Mixer then began its integration into the Xbox division allowing its console users to stream and watch seamlessly. It was a great battle between the software giant’s Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft we imagined would continue for years to come. Now Microsoft has decided to take a backseat and Mixer is scheduled to shut down completely on July 22, 2020.

It was Mixer who dealt the first massive blows by signing Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ and Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek to exclusive million-dollar contracts with more to follow. At this point in time, they were 2 of the top 3 channels on Twitch and were projected to deal a huge blow to them in viewership, however, this did not go as planned. Twitch fought back valiantly signing most of their remaining big names including Ben “DrLupo” Lupo, Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar, Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV aka Dr DisRespect, and Imane “Pokimane” Anys. Mixer has since been very quiet in the acquisition game only to finally release this statement via Twitter today.

As viewership declined Mixer was hit with a slew of drama sparked from a former employee Milan Lee who accused management of being racist. He shared his story to the public which caused a major backlash in the community ultimately the content creators banned together and canceled their Mixer streams in protest. As we understand today this was not the deciding factor that led to the announcement of the shutdown but it did have some effect on the decision. Viewership was down and the drama was running rampant it seems Mixer ended up beating itself.

Mixer will officially go offline on July 22, 2020 users will then be redirecting to Facebook Gaming. Facebook will provide the following incentives for Mixer users to join their platform.

  • Mixer Partners will be granted partner status with Facebook Gaming, and the platform will honor and match all existing Partner agreements as closely as possible. Mixer Partners will receive an update from Mixer today on how to kickoff the sign-up process. [Update: They can also visit FB.gg/Mixer on Desktop, connect their Mixer account, and follow the prompts.]
  • Streamers participating in Mixer’s open monetization program will be granted eligibility for the Facebook Gaming Level Up Program, where you can continue to grow and monetize your streams. Facebook Gaming will also fast-track onboarding for eligible streamers. [Update: They can also visit FB.gg/Mixer on Desktop, connect their Mixer account, and follow the prompts.]
  • Update: At FB.gg/Mixer, Mixer viewers can connect their Mixer account, and Facebook Gaming will show the Facebook Pages for all the available Mixer channels you follow so that you can easily follow them on Facebook. Facebook Gaming will also offer a few special welcome packs for viewers who visit from Mixer.com in the coming weeks.
  • We encourage all Mixer viewers to spend their remaining Embers and Sparks to help support your favorite Mixer Partners and streamers. Mixer Partners will receive double-payment for all of their earnings in the month of June – so your support of Embers, Sparks, and channel subscriptions for Mixer Partners will go even further during the rest of this month.
  • Viewers with outstanding Ember balances, channel subscriptions, or Mixer Pro subscriptions will receive Xbox Gift Card credit as a thank you for your engagement on the platform. Details on what you can expect can be found at this FAQ.
  • The Mixer service will continue to run through July 22, 2020. After that, Mixer.com will redirect to fb.gg, Facebook’s desktop home for gaming video, Mixer broadcasting on Xbox One will be temporarily disabled and the Mixer apps will notify or redirect viewers to continue watching their favorite streamers at Facebook Gaming.

3 more giants remain in the battle for live streaming dominance Google, Facebook, and Twitch. Who will fall next?

PS: We will miss the fat parties at the conventions! If we ever get conventions back.

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