MMO-Inspired Boss Rush Game TrinityS Gets Early Access Release Date

TrinityS, the MMO endgame-inspired boss rush action game from developer Indie-us Games, comes to Steam Early Access later this month.

Choose from three iconic adventurers, Knight, Wizard, or Priest, and embark on a quest to stop the scourge of elemental spirits plaguing the land. Three players can party online to challenge formidable bosses, each with unique fight mechanics and attacks. Dive right into the excitement of MMO endgame content with your friends!

In TrinityS, much like the MMOs that inspired it, movement and positioning are crucial, and a momentary error in judgment can be fatal. Standing still grants powerful buffs to your party but also leaves you vulnerable to attack. Find the perfect balance between offense and defense to succeed against the monster’s relentless attacks.

Between battles, arm your adventurer with skills to fine-tune your play style. The selection of skills after battles is random, making each play through different. Choose the ones that suit you best, then strategize with your team to take down bosses with speed, skill, and finesse.

Eschewing MMOs’ traditional level and gear grind, TrinityS puts the players straight into the meaty part of the genre – boss battles. “TrinityS was inspired by numerous late-night sessions of endgame boss battles from our favorite MMOs,” said director Daigo Hyodo. “These challenging and memorable encounters helped foster our love for the genre. This is our love letter to those times when your party pulls off a perfect run and finally defeats a boss that once felt insurmountable.”

TrinityS starts its boss rush on Steam Early Access on April 28th for $14.99, with a 20% discount until May 5th, and supports English and Japanese. The soundtrack, “TrinityS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK” and a bundle that includes the game and soundtrack will be released at the same time for $6.99 and $19.99, respectively. The launch discount applies to the bundle and soundtrack, as well.

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