Mobile Applications and Games That Help in Education | 2022 Edition

College life is amazing if you incorporate different learning methods. Fortunately, almost every college student can afford to buy a smartphone where they can download and install their favorite mobile applications and games. These mobile applications and games help the students to avoid being overwhelmed and learn better.

You can use these mobile applications to learn different concepts as a student. Educational games improve the power of concentration, memory, creativity, teamwork, and languages. Below are different mobile applications and games that help in education.

Mobile applications

Educational mobile apps are designed to target the student’s psychology directly, which helps you understand and grab the information differently. College life is full of research, and access to information from anywhere at any time makes the learning process very convenient and easy for students. Students can download tutorials or save them for later watch on their smartphones.

With your smartphone, you can access the best academic writing services on the internet. You can always seek help with thesis writing assignments whenever you feel it’s too challenging and you lack time for in-depth research. It will make your college life easier and more enjoyable. You will get more time to visit the library and work on the school coursework. As a university student, whenever I face challenges, I usually let professionals on academic writing services do my assignment at affordable prices. This unburdens me and gives me ample time to spend time on anything that I want to.

Some mobile applications that can help you in education in 2022 include:


RefME is one of the best mobile applications to help you in academic reading and writing. If you face challenges with referencing and other research work and you are looking for a great mobile application to help you, look no further than RefME. Referencing is often tiresome, and you can easily lose track if you use many books and other resources from the internet.

What RefME does is that it makes the process of finding and citing resources more effective and saves time. The app boasts thousands of open educational resources that are great for academic reading and other research. It saves much more time than scrolling on different platforms to find relevant learning materials. The app can export several referencing styles like APA, RSC, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago.


TikTok help students improve their academic life. As the saying goes, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Without taking rest from your study activities, it will be very hard to succeed academically. There is a need for college students to let off the grind by watching and creating great videos on TikTok. You can enjoy learning while using TikTok for students at the college. Taking the time and watching creative videos on TikTok helps information to sink while exploring various sides to the point.

Most students fail to understand that this app is more focused on content creation. There are great educational clips that you can watch on TikTok. It all depends on who you follow and what their content focuses on. Professionals on this app are focused on creating short videos on particular subjects you can watch and learn. It’s a great app for explaining lesson concepts. The lessons are always brief and direct to the point, and you can watch them as many times as possible.  


Are you facing challenges with note-taking and task management? Evernote can help you create, organize and compile notes while ensuring that you are managing all other tasks. It’s one of the best and all-rounder mobile applications for student task management.

With Evernote, you can create notes from texts, photographs, drawings, audio footage, and even online web content. After creating the notes, you can store them in electronic notebooks that can be annotated, linked with attachments, and tagged with labels for easy retrieval when needed for editing.

These notebooks can also be exported to other devices you use for college learning. An intuitive task management system helps you assign tasks with notes and give them due dates, reminders, and flags. Connect with the Google Calendar app to avoid missing anything important.

Google Drive

This is a cloud-based great storage solution and one of the best task management mobile applications available on the market. You can save and store all your documents online and access them from anywhere with your smartphone or laptop.

Using a cloud service storage system like Google Drive has a lot of advantages. It removes risks such as losing all your documents or files if your computer crashes. Google Drive gives you about 15GB of free storage space to store your files like notes, PDFs, or audio and video files.

As you download different files for learning, Google Drive saves them automatically depending on your settings, and you will never have to worry about losing your documents. It’s also easy to share your files and edit your files or even collaborate on files when dealing with group projects.


Achieving great focus is very vital for learning while in college. Lots of interesting activities often take place at the college. The students have parties, sports, hikes, and other interesting activities. This makes it hard to sit down often and be productive most of your study time. The temptation to watch your favorite movie or show is too huge to ignore.

Forest is a time management mobile application that can help you achieve great focus. It uses a creative approach to helping you stay focused and leave your smartphone alone when it’s time for learning. Whenever you want to start a study session, you plant a tree in your “forest” on the app. The more you stay away from the phone while reading, the more it will grow. If you touch your phone before the end of the study period, then the tree will die.


Math is one of the most challenging subjects for college students. Most concepts you will encounter involve many multi-step processes to solve these problems. You need more practice than any other subject, and your ability to grasp different concepts should be great too. But you can’t achieve all this in a single day.

It’s a matter of practice, and this is where Mathway comes in to help you with math practice and learning. If you encounter number crunching or any other complex Mathematics equations during your studies, Mathway will help you solve these problems and understand better how you can arrive at the solution.

All you need is to type your math problem into the app or upload a picture of the same, and this app will solve it for you. Read the detailed step-by-step guide for this app before using it to make the process smooth.

And now that we know of some great apps, let’s talk about the best games for students.

The integration of gaming into learning has helped students to learn with ease and improve their learning and concentration skills. There are many online games that students can play whenever they have time. Below are the modern games that give top-notch learning experiences to the students:

Dragon Box

For college students, Dragon Box is a great game that can help students learn how to solve equations and know different concepts behind math problems. Solving equations is not a favorite task for most students, especially when dealing with algebraic equations. The main challenge is usually the complexity and boredom of sitting alone for hours while solving several questions. This doesn’t allow some students to understand better how to solve these equations.

Dragon Box uses several visual elements to make solving algebraic equations interesting for the students. The game involves visualizing two sides that are available in a closed system. You have then to remove the unnecessary components and then balance the equation. The visualization process helps students to stay excited and prepare their minds for all the equations they will explore at college.

Mind Snacks

With Mind Snacks, learning phrases and forming words in foreign languages have been made easier at the college. This game provides knowledge of Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and Japanese. There are touch game options that will help you memorize the games that you are playing. With repetition, you will create a memory of words or phrases in your mind, which is learning.

It’s a game that will save you from wasting hours without doing anything constructive like learning other languages. Mind Snacks is great for students taking language courses as they can learn various languages funnily and entertainingly. You can play this game when traveling from school or relaxing.

GameStar Mechanic

Learning game designing skills takes time, and it’s pretty challenging for most college students. Though, you do not need to invest in sophisticated games to improve your game design skills. Start with GameStar Mechanic because it is easier to understand and play. This game develops creative game designing instincts that will help your design skills at the university. The several logical steps presented in the game allow you to learn different designing skills effortlessly.

You can create your own game, share it with your friends whenever you are free, and play it together. It will help to create a community of designers around you whom you can consult when you are having issues with design concepts. Game Star Magic will also help you with several problem-solving skills that will help you in all areas of your education.


Scribblenauts is a great game that will empower your creativity and help you resolve several problems by indulging in various imaginary scenarios. It’s a game that focuses on the spelling, logic, and creative sides of education. You will get a challenge to solve with a creative solution. There are lots of learning challenges that you will come across while at college.

It’s only coming up with creative solutions that can help mitigate these challenges. With the Scribblenauts, you can create your puzzles and then share them with your college friends. This way, you will cultivate spontaneous creativity that you cannot gain from anywhere else. So, take your time and download this game if you feel like you are taking too long to learn various concepts.

Code Spells

The benefits of learning coding cannot be underestimated with advanced technology. Almost every student understands the importance of learning codes while at college. Coding is a valuable skill after language that helps students with their projects in their final years. Code Spells is a perfect game for the students to learn several coding skills to improve the quality of their life.

Even if coding is not covered in your major subjects at college, you can use this game to make coding a fun task. It will help you let off the grid of staying for hours in the class or working on the assignments. The concept of Code Spells helps gnome characters to complete several tasks. Gnomes use magic, but the magic spells are in java code, which can be an effortless way to learn to code.

Mindblown Life

Are you looking for a great game to enhance your finance and money management skills? Almost every college student often faces challenges with managing their little money. Instead of paying for expensive courses to learn how to manage your financial situation, you can invest in real-life experiences like playing Mindblown Life. It’s a game that will help you funnily manage your finances.

With Mindblown Life, you will understand money and manage it in the virtual environment. You can play with your college friends and interact in the virtual environment while playing the game. The game focuses more on how you can manage your financial and professional life simultaneously. 


There is no denying the benefits of using different educational mobile applications and games in learning. These apps will help you with task management, note-taking, staying focused, revising widely, and understanding different math concepts easily. You can use these games to enhance your educational experience. Ensure that you understand your interests well before settling for any of the games mentioned above.    


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