Mobile Games Tournaments – Everything You Need to Know

Mobile gaming is on the rise and expanding rapidly. If you delve into the latest news on upcoming mobile games or the library of excellent titles, there’s something for everyone. If you think your phone is only for playing casual video games, you’re mistaken. Many mobile games even organize their own contests to determine who is the greatest among their hundreds of thousands of players. These competitions are becoming increasingly popular, often overshadowing their desktop equivalents.

While PC and console games are already commonplace, mobile esports is gradually gaining traction. In 2021, mobile gaming tournaments surpassed several classic PC esports, delivering comparable prize pools and sometimes competing in prize money and viewership size and is especially popular in China and Thailand. With the release of games like League of Legends: Wild Rift on mobile and the PUBG Mobile Pro League, we expect the world of mobile esports to truly take over in 2022.

Mobile may eventually be the future of everything, including gaming. Several mobile game titles have made news and broken prize money records; for the most part, a tournament’s prize pool reflects the size of an event. Dota 2 The International 10 has the largest prize pool in history, with an astonishing US$40 million. Which competitions in the mobile game sector have the most significant prize pools?

Arena of Valor World Cup

Arena of Valor boasts the most significant prize pool in the mobile game scene. Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC) 2022 will bring together Arena of Valor and Honor of Kings. The prize money for AWC 2022 is expected to exceed US$8,000,000, which is more than anything previously awarded by any game.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship

The world’s best battle royale teams will fight in the largest PUBGM event. The tournament will feature an incredible US$6 million in winnings, making it the largest in PUBGM history.

Peacekeeper Elite League

The Peacekeeper Elite League is a Chinese-based local championship. With winnings of US$3.1 million, this local competition is surprisingly more extensive than its World Championship counterpart.

Call of Duty Mobile World Championship

The Call of Duty Mobile World Championship was the first competition to have one million dollars worth of winnings. The tournament’s prize money was doubled to two million dollars in the most recent year. The CODM World Championship will be held later this year, with 16 teams competing.

Free Fire World Series

The Free Fire World Series 2021 was held in Singapore, the game’s first offline event since it switched to an online structure in 2020. This event has the largest prize money in Free Fire history. It is tied with the US$2,000,000 on offer for the CODM World Championship.

If you are a casual or professional gamer, you know that winning at mobile games is not as simple as it appears. Mobile phones are more widely available these days, and there are more online players than ever before. This increases the difficulty of competing and winning in online games. Do you think you’re ready to enter a mobile gaming tournament? Perhaps your starting point is to ask yourself, ‘am I a casual or hard-core gamer?

Casual gamers like passing the time during work breaks or while commuting. They don’t care about the genre as long as they’re entertained and interested. One day, a basic puzzle game might do well, followed by a complicated strategic game the next. Casual gamers merely enjoy a little light entertainment when they have nothing better to do. Casual gamers are one of the key reasons the booming mobile game industry devotes so much time to various gaming genres.

Mobile games are what hard-core gamers live and breathe. They take titles and progress very seriously, and they frequently become disappointed when they don’t have enough “lives” to finish the level. To the chagrin of their friends and family, they are commonly observed playing a game during dinner conversations. They stay current on new updates and releases and plan their time accordingly. If you’re a hard-core gamer, this fantastic world of mobile gaming tournaments could be for you.

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