Modernized ‘Food Fight’ Remake Coming to Atari VCS in Early 2022

Today, Atari announced Food Fight, the first new title to come from the company’s renewed focus to leverage its vast catalog of IP to publish premium PC and console games.

The new iteration of Food Fight will feature familiar faces, including the iconic Charley Chuck, along with charming new characters, modern gameplay mechanics, and online multiplayer. Built entirely from the ground up, Food Fight will launch first on the Atari VCS in early 2022, followed by PC and console platforms later.

Atari today announced a new, built-from-the-ground-up remake of the beloved classic Atari arcade game Food Fight. Developed in partnership with Mega Cat Studios and launching early next year, Food Fight features familiar faces from the seminal favorite, reimagined as a premium game with modern 3D graphics, charming new characters, and updated gameplay mechanics with online multiplayer support.

Food Fight exclusively launches first on the Atari VCS PC/console hybrid gaming system and later on Windows PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

Featuring single-player, co-op, and online multiplayer modes, the reimagined new game offers a plethora of potential gameplay scenarios, further supported by procedurally generated environments to ensure the food fighting fun never goes stale. Players can collect and choose from over 30 individual weapons, items, and special pick-ups, each with their own kitchen characteristics, such as “slippery” or “sticky.”

“We’ve promised fans new Atari content for the VCS and are delighted to unveil this fresh, modern take on a classic video game favorite — one that only Atari could lovingly and expertly curate and bring to the VCS first,” said Atari VCS COO Michael Arzt. “The feat wouldn’t be possible without the passionate and dedicated team at Mega Cat Studios, and we couldn’t be more thankful to bring Atari’s Food Fight to the modern age where fans, both old and new, will enjoy all the messy mayhem this unique title has to offer.”

“Everyone at Mega Cat is huge Atari fans, and from the moment that the VCS was announced, we knew that we wanted to create something special and new from classic Atari IP,” said Mega Cat Studios CEO James Deighan. “We have been working closely with the Atari team for some time now, are excited to finally announce this amazing game, and can’t wait to unveil more of the zany, fun, and innovative Food Fight gameplay, characters and other details as development continues.”

Inspired by the original game which debuted in arcades in 1983, and then followed on the Atari 7800 in 1986, Food Fight sees players take on the role of Charley Chuck, a boy whose desire for ice cream sees him fall into trouble with a gang of mischievous chefs — Angelo, Oscar, and Zorba. Players must utilize speed and cunning to avoid enemies, or choose a different route and engage in intense open combat where the food does all the work!

Food Fight launches first on the Atari VCS — the iconic gaming brand’s first new home gaming and entertainment device in 40 years — with game content exclusive to the platform. Food Fight is also the first example of Atari’s recently announced refocus on premium PC and console games.

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