Monster Train Beta extended 3 weeks by popular demand

The official closed beta for Monster Train is being extended by three weeks due to popular demand from the gaming community. Players can register at to access both solo and multiplayer game modes, until the Beta closes on 9th April 2020.

  • Beta start date: 27th February
  • New Beta end date: 9th April
  • Duration: 6 weeks

Monster Train is an upcoming roguelike, deck-building game for PC brought to you by Good Shepherd Entertainment and Shiny Shoe. Set on a train to hell, players must build their decks from a choice of over 200 cards and battle it out against heavenly invaders. You’ll use tactical decision-making to defend multiple vertical battlegrounds, with real-time competitive multiplayer and endless replayability.

Monster Train’s unique time-based online multiplayer mode “Hell Rush” lets up to eight players compete against one another in time-based challenges for an exciting experience under intense pressure. Create your own custom challenges and share them with the world to see who can top the leaderboards.

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