Moonlight Sculptor Celebrates 100 Days of Moonlight With Special Event

Multi-platform game publisher Kakao Games and developer XL Games are proud to present ‘100 Days of Moonlight’ in celebration of MMORPG Moonlight Sculptor’s 100th day since debuting in May of 2021, and ahead of its global release.

Highlights of the 100 Days of Moonlight event include:

Event 1 – Level Up Bonus (9/1-9/30)
Reaching a certain level during this period will drop rewards such as:
1 XP Increase Elixir (7 Days), 5 Grilled Grouper Heads, 3 Superior Option Stone Chests, 1 Premium Buddy Feed (7D), 1 Heroic Loot Choice Chest, 10 Precious Lunarium Chests, 10 Enchant Protectants
Players below level 50 will be guaranteed at least 1 XP Increase Elixir (7 Days)

Event 2 – Cumulative Attendance Reward (9/7 reward distribution)
Rewards those who have checked attendance since launch (5/25). If a player has checked Daily Attendance event 10, 30, 50, 60, 80, 90 days, they will be receiving rewards like:
10 Precious Lunarium Chests, 3 Superior Option Stone Chests, 3 Orange Lunarium Fragments, 5 Enchant Protectants, 1 Heroic Sculpture Pots, 3 Poison Mist Magic Quartz

Event 3 – Daily Sculpture (9/1-9/5)
Logging in 5 days during the event period rewards players with (1 per day):
20 Ordinary Sculpture Pots > 20 Ordinary Sculpture Pots > 20 Ordinary Sculpture Pots > 20 Valuable Sculpture Pots > 20 Valuable Sculpture Pots

Event 4 – Hot Time Buff (9/1-9/13)
XP Increase +20% and Enchant Success Rate +30% and Equipment Enchant Gold -20% (cost of Gold required to enhance is reduced) will be offered at different periods

Event 5- First Purchase Bonus (9/1-9/13)
3 Crowe’s Enchant Support Chests are given as an added bonus if players make any Shop purchase during the event period

After a recent server merger, designed to vastly improve matchmaking, Moonlight sculptor is also getting new or improved events on the heels of its 8/24 maintenance, including a 10-day attendance check, offering players “Legendary Gear” from Ruler’s Weapon Chest, Armor Chest, Cloak Chest and more. Improved events also include the regular Daily Attendance (running for 28 days), resetting on the 1st of each month, with brand new rewards, like the Rare Buddy Egg, guaranteed to hatch a rare-tier Buddy.

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