Most Lucky Women in Casino History

We hear stories all the time, those stories about strangers who went to Vegas on a weekend, won one huge jackpot and lived happily ever after. We never meet these people; we just know one guy who knows a guy who heard this story from someone else. Even if we believe in such stories that sound too good to be true, the main protagonist is almost certainly some middle-aged man from a working-class who just got lucky. You rarely hear a jackpot-winning story about some women who occasionally like to gamble, as if women were forbidden from entering Las Vegas. You might be surprised to know that some of the biggest scores in modern casino history were made by some interesting ladies who possessed both luck and some skills to pull this off.

Almost a millionaire

We all read that story about Veronica Castillo who won an astonishing 8 million dollar jackpot while playing some slot machine called Jurassic Riches, but it later turned out that her winning was actually a malfunction in the slot display. We can imagine her disappointment and frustration after believing that she was rich for a couple of minutes. The case is still in the court and she is hoping for compensation, but it will hardly amount to eight million dollars. She was a lucky winner for a while at least, and she was a millionaire for a couple of minutes which is longer than most of us ever had a chance to experience. Her story made headlines all over the world, but there are other similar stories like hers, but with some happy ending.

Mrs. Dorothy Black made headlines when she won the biggest bingo jackpot in the history of the Lucky Eagle Casino, and she was surprised more than anyone. She thought that her win amounted to some 300 dollars, but it turned out that she scored more than 130.000 dollars that night. This old lady was playing bingo for decades in her favorite casino, but she never dreamed of winning such an amount of money. When asked what she will do with all the money, she responded that it will be used to help her family members. Maybe she did not become a millionaire, but you wouldn’t refuse more than one hundred dollars if someone just gave it to you, right?

Persistence pays off

Amy Nishimura from Hawaii went to Las Vegas for her traditional vacation trip and won more than 8 million dollars with one single spin on her favorite slot machine. It seems that while most people dream of going to Hawaii for a vacation, the people from Hawaii go to Las Vegas. Mrs. Nishimura was very persistent in her desire to win that jackpot and she did not play at any other slot machine rather than her favorite one for years. That is what we call dedication and love for the game, and statistically, it makes sense that your chances of scoring increase if you play the same game persistently. This lady utilized this strategy to the maximum and she deserves all the credit for her strong determination.

She was lucky to find one reliable casino that vouches for its pool prize, and for those who gamble online, finding one trustworthy casino is not always easy. In today’s world, one must rely on a solid review to guide him through the jungle of Minimum Deposit Casinos ( 最少額デポジットカジノ日本 ). Due to the sheer number of such online services, it is best to first find out more information about it, and for example read a review on Casino Secret (カジノシークレット). It is no secret, that online jackpots are much bigger due to some massive pool prize which is generated by millions of players across the globe. This is making online progressive jackpots more popular although that feeling of winning a million dollars in some real Las Vegas casino cannot be replicated online. Although it seems that mathematically, one has better chances of winning in some online casinos, you would be surprised to know that reality shows otherwise.

Four times in a row

One needs to be super lucky to win a huge amount of money by gambling and the odds are just not favoring you in any way. It seems that Joan Ginther didn’t care about these odds because she won four consecutive jackpots in a span of over twenty years. We are not talking about small amounts of money; we are talking about millions of dollars as neither one of these jackpots amounted to less than three million dollars. It seems suspicious and mathematically impossible for someone to pull this off, but it is truth and nothing but the truth. There is some plot twist after all, as it turns out that Mrs. Ginther is a math professor with a Ph.D. in statistical analysis.

There is no crime in this, but we are just saying that her math skills must have to do something with her winning four jackpots in a row. If you hated math in high school, now you are wishing that you did not, right? Her secret remains hidden, and she is not willing to share it with the others, but it is good to know all that boring math has some practical use after all. Maybe one day she will write some books about her system and we could all get rich. Until then we can keep trying until we get lucky eventually.


Women can gamble too, and when they do, they do it with a meticulous persistence and determination that guys just cannot handle at that level. We like to gamble for fun, and if we score some jackpot along the way, it is like a gift from heaven. Women are more serious about their gambling, so we guess that is the reason why they get lucky more often.

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