Multiplayer Viking Survival Tribe Builder ASKA Set for Alpha Testing

Revealed today at the PC Gaming Show, Sand Sailor Studio is excited to unveil their new Viking-themed open-world survival tribe builder, ASKA. The game places you in the role of a tribal leader landing your ship in a mystical ever-changing new realm. You must survive, build, craft, fight, farm, sail and prepare for the Dead Winter as you seek to create a self-sustaining Viking society.

Players can get their first taste of what ASKA has to offer in the game’s single-player closed alpha, starting on November 24th, with sign-ups open now! To be the first to know more about Aska and sign up for Discord and Steam Closed Alpha, head to

ASKA lets up to four players work together, commanding villagers and preparing their tribe for the ancient threat that winter will bring. This includes assigning jobs to villagers, constructing workshops, mines, farms, and castles, exploring the world to discover hidden loot and resources, and fighting mythical enemies. Together, you will not just build a village, but a functioning society that you are a part of.

As you expand your tribe, you will have the ability to sail your own customizable Viking ship and discover new lands in this fantastical procedurally generated world. Build outposts across these new lands and set up supply lines between settlements to transform your Viking society from a village into an empire. Building a strong and stable society will give you a better chance of survival when Dead Winter hits and your tribe faces not only the harshest of elements but the dark inhabitants of this world that have been lying in wait.

To create the ultimate Viking tribe builder, Sand Sailor Studio will be working closely with players building a community with which they will create ASKA together, which is why the game will have a closed alpha, giving players the chance to be one of the first Vikings to land in ASKA and start building their settlement.

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