Mutants Dani Moonstar and Lady Deathstrike Enter the Battle in Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions, the popular mobile fighter game, is about to get even more exciting with the introduction of two new mutants: Dani Moonstar and Lady Deathstrike. Kabam, the developer of the game, has released a thrilling Champion Reveal Trailer titled “Strike Fear,” showcasing these powerful new additions to The Battlerealm. With a roster already packed with 250 champions, players can now expand their teams with legendary X-Men characters like Wolverine, Iceman, Kitty Pride, and Havok.

The Battle Begins

The story unfolds when Sunspot and Warlock, on a diplomatic mission for Krakoa, are unexpectedly ambushed by a group of mutant mercenaries led by the vengeful Lady Deathstrike. The duo crash lands on Battleworld, a barren wasteland, where they find an unexpected ally in Dani Moonstar. Together, these heroes must outsmart Lady Deathstrike and her mercenaries to escape Battleworld and return to the safety of Krakoa.

A Race Against Time

However, the escape is far from simple for the former New Mutants. They stumble upon a mysterious escape pod housing the World Seed, a potent Asgardian artifact. Realizing that the fate of the entire Battlerealm hinges on their survival, Dani Moonstar must confront her fears and secure the World Seed. Failure would mean the artifact falling into the hands of Lady Deathstrike, which could doom The Contest. Brace yourself for an epic showdown in “Strike Fear”!

Introducing Dani Moonstar

Dani Moonstar, a prominent member and occasional leader of the New Mutants, takes center stage in Marvel Contest of Champions. As a proud member of the Cheyenne people, she discovered her mutant powers as a teenager, initially struggling with illusions that manifested as people’s greatest fears. However, she has now mastered her abilities, channeling them into powerful Neural Arrows as she fights alongside the X-Men, devoted to protecting Mutantkind.

Unleash Lady Deathstrike

Yuriko Oyama, driven by a desire for vengeance against Wolverine for stealing her father’s legacy, transformed herself into a formidable cyborg. Renouncing her humanity, Yuriko, now known as Lady Deathstrike, wields powerful healing capabilities and deadly adamantium claws. Her arrival in Marvel Contest of Champions promises intense battles and thrilling gameplay for players.

Mark Your Calendar

Prepare for the arrival of these new mutants in-game! Dani Moonstar will be available starting June 15, followed by Lady Deathstrike on June 20. While waiting, fans can catch a glimpse of their abilities and engage in the excitement through the Champion Reveal trailer. Additionally, the official MARVEL Contest of Champions YouTube channel offers deep dives into the characters and their special moves.

A Multiversal Celebration of Pride

As The Battlerealm encompasses a vast multiverse, it also embraces the diverse expressions of love among its champions. This month, Marvel Contest of Champions celebrates Pride with exclusive artwork created in collaboration with renowned comic artists. Stay tuned for this special celebration of inclusivity within the game.

Further Updates and Enhancements

In addition to the thrilling introduction of Dani Moonstar and Lady Deathstrike, Marvel Contest of Champions brings a variety of other updates. Bug fixes, balance adjustments, and the “Attack of the Spider-Bots” quest are just a few examples of the ongoing efforts to enhance the player experience. Stay informed about all the latest developments to make the most of your Battlerealm adventure.

Marvel Contest of Champions continues to captivate players with the addition of Dani Moonstar and Lady Deathstrike. This latest update brings new challenges, formidable adversaries, and exciting gameplay to the mobile fighter. Join the battle, explore the depths of The Battlerealm, and assemble a team of powerful mutants to secure victory.

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Platforms: Android, iOS

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