MWM Interactive and Podcast Legend Dan Carlin to Bring ‘War Remains’ WWI Experience to Home

MWM Interactive (MWMi) today announced that “War Remains,” the immersive experience presented by Dan Carlin (“Hardcore History”) that takes audiences to the Western Front of the First World War, will launch on home VR platforms May 21.

“War Remains” will launch for $4.99 and can now be wishlisted at:

  • Oculus Store
  • Steam

“War Remains” premiered as an installation at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2019 and later opened for a limited run in Austin, Texas. It went on to win the “Out-of-home VR Entertainment of the Year” award at the VR Awards.

In “War Remains,” Dan Carlin takes audiences into the trenches to bear witness to an active battle scene. The home version of this visceral, educational experience allows audiences to witness a slice of history — the front line of one of the bloodiest battlefields the world has ever seen. The short-form VR experience features new audio and visuals so people can experience it from their homes around the world.

“There was an incredible demand to see the physical installation of ‘War Remains,’ but we also continued to hear from fans online, wishing there was an easier way to experience this project. We are proud that Dan Carlin’s VR experience will now be available for people with VR headsets at home around the world,” said Ethan Stearns, MWMi EVP of Content. “At MWMi, we’re focused on bringing visually stunning, story-driven experiences to life. Working with Dan Carlin to create an immersive memory from the First World War is an important project that more people need the opportunity to see.”

“I wanted to create a time machine that would give people just a taste of what soldiers experienced on this unimaginable battlefield, and I think we’ve come as close as possible while still giving people a bearable experience,” said Dan Carlin. “It is my hope that people – students, teachers and the general public – can use ‘War Remains’ to gain a greater understanding of one of the most impactful events in world history.”

“War Remains” is produced by MWMi, directed by Brandon Oldenburg, developed by Flight School Studio and audio designed by Skywalker Sound.

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